Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesdays

Once again it is that time, the time we all gather together in awkwardness to laugh and blush at our misfortunes. And it is all Tova’s fault. Go check out her blog for other Totally Awkward Tuesday posts!

This memory stumbled into my brain this weekend because of the red and pink coated holiday many of us were celebrating. This isn’t going to be embarrassingly awkward just an awkward situation that I thought you would all enjoy.
I was never someone who dated a lot. Not in high school and not in college either. In each different area there were just a few guys that I either had a crush on or maybe actually dated. The reasons? Well, I am sure that there are many but that is another post novel entirely. So, that was all meant to explain that this whole event started out pretty typical for me and my life but ended pretty weird.
It was Valentine’s Day and neither my roommates nor I had plans. One was in a serious relationship, but the guy lived quite far from us. They were rocking the long distance thing. He did send the most beautiful red roses I have ever seen to date and they lasted FOREVER! (And yes they are married now and on baby #2!).
My other roommate did not have plans and was not dating (like me!) but it was probably more by choice because she was gorgeous and always had a few guys chasing after her. The other roommate was the one we left to die in the fire (confused? Read this.) so she had plans with her boyfriend and wasn’t really keen on plans with us anyhow.
So, here we are without plans….wait, I have no idea how I met this person...I have to email someone with a memory real quick…
Okay...so according to the attached roommate - she and the gorgeous roommate (let's call them Harriet and Shelley) met this guy at a party and he followed them home. In my vague memory I could not remember how this certain guy came into our lives so apparently he was not someone we knew and then suddenly he was.
Let’s call him Ed. Ed appeared in our lives and somehow ended up with an invitation to join us in our group celebration of having no Valentine’s Day plans. We decided to drive to The City and have dinner at this cool downtown area that we often went to. At this point we were all under 21 so it was mainly about going out to a nice dinner and then walking around downtown.
So, Ed came by on Valentine’s and we were all dressed up, he brought us each a rose and he actually wore a tie. So somehow this lucky guy gets invited to our fun and he actually plays along and is really fun bringing us roses, etc. So, I guess that was Brownie Point Number one with me. (Do you see where this is going?)
He offered to drive and we headed to dinner which was like 45 minutes away. We had a nice regular chat on the way there and once there found a nice restaurant to eat at.
This whole memory gets blurry here for a bit as we have dinner and walk around talking. I know that I was getting more and more googely-eyed at Ed and we kept making more and more eye contact throughout the night which ended in this moment in the car:
It is dark and we are driving home and I am sitting in the back seat behind Ed who is driving. He reaches his arm back behind him on the left side (not the console) and touches my hand and tries to hold it. Shock. He meets my eye in the rearview mirror and I guess we had a moment because after we got back he and I had silently decided that we were going to keep hanging out. So, my roommates are looking at me like, "What are you doing? This guy is a total goob" (which he was). So, we all settle down to watch a movie but slowly my roommates kind of zone out of the picture, the attached one gets a call from her guy and she disappears for the night and then the other goes to bed which just leaves me and Ed.
So, what was the awkward part?
The look my best friend gave me when Ed was still in our dorm the next morning.

And no I didn't sleep with him - the awkward part was that we had all agreed that this guy was a total goob way way before. The awkwardness was the fact that I was the schmuck who got all wrapped up in Valentine's Day hooplah and ended up in kind of a relationship. With THE GOOB.
I will never ever live it down.

So, you are probably thinking, "That wasn't that awkward"
You should have seen the look.