Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

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Here is my most recent bit of awkwardness. This is not something I would typically share but in keeping with the theme of these Tuesdays..I feel that I am comfortable sharing my shame with all of you.

On Thursday morning we headed to the airport to leave on our little mini vacation. We had to be at the airport at about 5 am and our flight was at 7. We boarded and everything on time and were all settled to depart when...I got really really sick. The flight crew was still fumbling about with bags and what not so I decided to risk it and high tale it to the restroom. While in there I felt the plane start to move and freaked out so I rushed to get back to my seat despite the fact that I felt awful and had no idea how safe it was to leave - I mean, I didn't want to start my trip by using that lovely paper bag they give you!
So I get back to my seat looking pretty green and the stewardess comes over and asks my husband if I am okay. He nods and she goes on her way. Except that I am NOT OK! I am really sick and needing to run back to the restroom again. I tell him to grab her (as we are taxiing) and ask if there is still time for me to go. She asks (semi quietly) if it is an emergency and I nod like crazy and take off toward the lavatory.
Guys - I delayed the flight. It was me. My fault.
As I was standing up to head to the restroom - another lady asked the stewardess if she can run to the restroom as well. This is the horrible part. In a normal and not quiet voice she says, "Yes, but please hurry. This lady here (motioning at me) has an emergency and we will have to be waiting anyway!"
The horror.
The total and awful horror.
Awkwardess be damned - I was mortified.