Friday, June 23, 2006


Alrighty then- happy friday.
Are you ready for the daily drama dose? Ready or not...
So, yesterday at work life was fine and dandy and then I stood up from sitting down and had the worse pain of my life going through my back and legs. Then my legs went numb and my whole body felt like it was being stuck with needles. Because this was not normal, I called the Docta' and got an appointment for an hour later. So I went and would you believe it..I have an herniated disk in my lower back. Well, now I am a walking pharmacy..I have some steroid for all the swelling and a muscle relaxer and a mega pain pill. And Kyle left last night for Austin for the weekend! I probably should have titled this "Woe is me" again. So, now I have physical therapy three times a week and if I'm not better in three weeks I have to get an MRI and start talking about surgery. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, not cool you guys. I don't do hospitals and I definitely don't do anything with needles!
Well, keep me in your prayers dear readers. Hopefully the physical therapy will be enough to get my little disk back in line with my spine..look at me rhyming...thats a sign that I have nothing to worry about, right? What a way to start a weekend-

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Woe is me

So, Kyle is going to Austin this weekend to a friend's wedding that he is in and I am stickin' around this joint. My weekend plans include-laying by the pool, working out, and doing some hard core shopping for a new swim suit. And after the shopping thing I will probably have to eat a carton of ice cream and then go back to the gym to make myself feel better after trying on tons of unflattering bathing suits. As I said...woe is me. So, I guess I am excited about the veg time but sad that I will be only the lonely all weekend. Except for tonight because after I take Kyle to the airport I am going to eat dinner with the lifegroup crowd-actually I might try to dig up some shopping buddies there-
Anywhoo- that is what is up and down in my little world today. Clearly I am at work right now and working extremely hard... Right now we are in a real slow period, where every job is out and in construction and the new jobs are still in schematics so we are kinda sitting around lately. But thanks to that I got to create a blog for the book club and actually write in my blog and I have learned all sorts of new things about blogs. Does it sound as boring to you as me? just kiddin'- although I do like to have no responsiblities and sit around on my duff- at work I like to feel busy and useful if at all possible.

well, it's thursday..if it were five years ago I'd have FRIENDS and WILL & GRACE to look forward to. What is the world of television coming to?


Monday, June 19, 2006


I just felt the need to give a quick shout out to the crew that went on a trip to Disney one summer and ate lots of peaches. I am sitting at my desk eating the juiciest peach in the world, trying to maintain some illusion of professionalism and all I could think of is this trip of peaches we once took. I could probably write 50 blogs a day about something that reminds me of that trip. But, today it is peaches. I promise not to post everytime I eat a peach. But today gals- I'm eating a peach, I'm in Florida and all I can think is I wish we were all in a van driving through some town with a funny name with peach juice getting all over the place. This peach is for you-
Why I have to love bowling

I have long been a known antagonist of the game of bowling. Something about it has always repulsed me. As a youth I would refuse a game of bowling without a moments thought. Brad Pitt could have been playing and I would have passed. And then somewhere along the way I guess the evil little devil just snuck in and made me start going. I have many a great memory of bowling adventures. We used to go every year at summer camp for an afternoon, we went for Prom, there is a fun little memory of Kyle and I going on a double date with my cousin and her husband right when Kyle and I first started dating, for some reason I think we went bowling for Heather's bachelorette party...Anywhoo- At some moment the game I once loathed above all others became fun. And now I would never turn down a game.

The story that I am really leading to is this: Our life group went bowling friday night, six couples went and we had an absolute blast. Although we almost got thrown out of the joint and yes friends...the Plant City bowling alley is what I would call a "joint". We had fun though and left singing a song as loud as we could all the way out the door to our cars. It was one of those evenings out of a movie. After that we went and played the most creative and obscene game of charades I have ever participated in in my life. I just have to gab about it feels good to know people in this big ole' peninsula.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Heaven sent

So, yesterday Kyle and I finally got hooked up with a lifegroup at our church. Our church is Baylife in Brandon, Florida and we love it! We have been through the membership class but just
aren't ready to make that commitment. Like my Dad told me, in the scriptures God likens the commitment of an individual to a church to the state of marriage. So, what I mean is it is a huge decision and we haven't made it yet, But we did want to get involved more with the church. Well, for starters-Baylife is GIANT. There are so many people-so the church has what they call "lifegroups" which is a group of people who meet once a week for a Bible study and fellowship time and that becomes your core group at the you feel like you are surrounded by people you know and not a bunch of strangers in a giant auditorium. Well, it has taken us forever to get organized and talk to someone and just find a group thats right for us- But, with all the drama with Kyle's heart and all of this worry on our minds, i decided to just do it- we need that core group of people down here. So I emailed the guy in charge and he hooked us up with a life group in Plant City that meets on Thursday nights, that is made up of people our age. So we get geared up to go... we pull in and see a bunch of cars and trucks. We go inside-3 and a half hours later we go home with big smiles knowing we have found our place. God definitely had something planned last night. There are 6 married couples in the group plus us and two more married couples that came for the first time last night. They are all so sweet and so funny- we laughed the whole time. Everyone is just rambunctious and loud and funny and welcoming- i feel like I have known them for years. And to top it all off- we go to church with all of them. Well, we ended up staying and watching a movie-which meant me staying up later than I ever have on a night before I have to work! But, I didnt care because I had a blast and so did Kyle and we just feel...happy to have found a group of friends so far from home where we feel like we are a part of something. Anywhoo- in the midst of our night we were trying to plan a group activity outside of the Thursday night meetings-it took us half an hour to find a weekend were 9 couples were available- but in a month or so we are going to all go play a round of couples golf-which is sooo exciting because I just got clubs a week ago! Then, it took us five minutes to plan on going out tonight for pizza and bowling where everyone is available and there is some hint of a karaoke happening of some kind. I'm sure the night will be blog worthy!
Well, since this is my place to ramble I think I have done well today- I am just so excited and really is heaven sent.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The year of the Wedding

It has come to my attention that the year 2006 has officially become the year of the wedding.
Weddings are all that goes on on TV, in real life and in my mailbox. I don't even know single people. Everyone is married, when I tell people "My boyfriend and I...." they look at me like I'm an alien. "What! you aren't married!! Horror of horrors!". When was this all decided? Everyone is getting married, in fact after this year I think all the weddings for the next 20 or so years of my life are taken care of. I'm sure in 2 or 3 years we will land in The Year of the Baby. It's funny you know...the other day I made a list of the couples I knew who were getting married this year..and not like random people-like people I know and talk to on a semi-regular basis. 18 couples. 18! Even if I could go to half of them-I wouldnt be able to buy gifts for a third of them! I would gain 30 pounds from Wedding Cake alone! It's also a sickness you know... once the wedding bug gets just spreads. I myself have a bridal magazine hidden under my couch. Yes, I am ashamed. But, for some reason unbeknownst to me....I want to have a wedding too! NOTE the wording here..."I want to have a wedding too." Is there something wrong with that? It seems like everything is focused on weddings and planning and dresses and flowers and cake toppers and yet you never hear anything mentioned past the honeymoon. Very interesting.... Did you know that the average wedding in America today costs 30, 000 dollars? And the average honeymoon is 4,000 dollars. That's like a nice car. My mom about fainted when I told her that, she said that she had a big wedding and it was beautiful and it didn't cost hardly anything in today's terms. But then again..that was 28 plus years ago. "I remember when a scoop of ice cream was a nickel.."
You know how those medical shows on TV stop you no matter what when you are surfing through channels? Well, that's me and wedding shows. They are on constantly;Bridezillas, Wedding Cake Competitions, Weddings on a Dime, The Knot Weddings, Father of the Bride, Four Weddings and a Funeral. I'm a addict.

Someone hit me with a bouquet.

When you are old and gray and full of sleep, and nodding by the fire, take down this book and slowly read, and dream of the soft look your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep.”
- Yeats

“Be an, surf the internet, visit customers, enjoy arts, watch children anything to prevent yourself from becoming a prisoner of your knowledge, experience, and current view of the world.”
- Charles Thompson

The pleasure of all reading is doubled when one lives with another who shares the same books.”
- Katherine Mansfield