Friday, June 23, 2006


Alrighty then- happy friday.
Are you ready for the daily drama dose? Ready or not...
So, yesterday at work life was fine and dandy and then I stood up from sitting down and had the worse pain of my life going through my back and legs. Then my legs went numb and my whole body felt like it was being stuck with needles. Because this was not normal, I called the Docta' and got an appointment for an hour later. So I went and would you believe it..I have an herniated disk in my lower back. Well, now I am a walking pharmacy..I have some steroid for all the swelling and a muscle relaxer and a mega pain pill. And Kyle left last night for Austin for the weekend! I probably should have titled this "Woe is me" again. So, now I have physical therapy three times a week and if I'm not better in three weeks I have to get an MRI and start talking about surgery. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, not cool you guys. I don't do hospitals and I definitely don't do anything with needles!
Well, keep me in your prayers dear readers. Hopefully the physical therapy will be enough to get my little disk back in line with my spine..look at me rhyming...thats a sign that I have nothing to worry about, right? What a way to start a weekend-