Friday, June 16, 2006

Heaven sent

So, yesterday Kyle and I finally got hooked up with a lifegroup at our church. Our church is Baylife in Brandon, Florida and we love it! We have been through the membership class but just
aren't ready to make that commitment. Like my Dad told me, in the scriptures God likens the commitment of an individual to a church to the state of marriage. So, what I mean is it is a huge decision and we haven't made it yet, But we did want to get involved more with the church. Well, for starters-Baylife is GIANT. There are so many people-so the church has what they call "lifegroups" which is a group of people who meet once a week for a Bible study and fellowship time and that becomes your core group at the you feel like you are surrounded by people you know and not a bunch of strangers in a giant auditorium. Well, it has taken us forever to get organized and talk to someone and just find a group thats right for us- But, with all the drama with Kyle's heart and all of this worry on our minds, i decided to just do it- we need that core group of people down here. So I emailed the guy in charge and he hooked us up with a life group in Plant City that meets on Thursday nights, that is made up of people our age. So we get geared up to go... we pull in and see a bunch of cars and trucks. We go inside-3 and a half hours later we go home with big smiles knowing we have found our place. God definitely had something planned last night. There are 6 married couples in the group plus us and two more married couples that came for the first time last night. They are all so sweet and so funny- we laughed the whole time. Everyone is just rambunctious and loud and funny and welcoming- i feel like I have known them for years. And to top it all off- we go to church with all of them. Well, we ended up staying and watching a movie-which meant me staying up later than I ever have on a night before I have to work! But, I didnt care because I had a blast and so did Kyle and we just feel...happy to have found a group of friends so far from home where we feel like we are a part of something. Anywhoo- in the midst of our night we were trying to plan a group activity outside of the Thursday night meetings-it took us half an hour to find a weekend were 9 couples were available- but in a month or so we are going to all go play a round of couples golf-which is sooo exciting because I just got clubs a week ago! Then, it took us five minutes to plan on going out tonight for pizza and bowling where everyone is available and there is some hint of a karaoke happening of some kind. I'm sure the night will be blog worthy!
Well, since this is my place to ramble I think I have done well today- I am just so excited and really is heaven sent.