Monday, June 19, 2006

Why I have to love bowling

I have long been a known antagonist of the game of bowling. Something about it has always repulsed me. As a youth I would refuse a game of bowling without a moments thought. Brad Pitt could have been playing and I would have passed. And then somewhere along the way I guess the evil little devil just snuck in and made me start going. I have many a great memory of bowling adventures. We used to go every year at summer camp for an afternoon, we went for Prom, there is a fun little memory of Kyle and I going on a double date with my cousin and her husband right when Kyle and I first started dating, for some reason I think we went bowling for Heather's bachelorette party...Anywhoo- At some moment the game I once loathed above all others became fun. And now I would never turn down a game.

The story that I am really leading to is this: Our life group went bowling friday night, six couples went and we had an absolute blast. Although we almost got thrown out of the joint and yes friends...the Plant City bowling alley is what I would call a "joint". We had fun though and left singing a song as loud as we could all the way out the door to our cars. It was one of those evenings out of a movie. After that we went and played the most creative and obscene game of charades I have ever participated in in my life. I just have to gab about it feels good to know people in this big ole' peninsula.

Happy Monday!