Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I lost in the battle of me vs. the chairs

Wednesday already! This week is flying by- in fact this whole year is flying by. I remember when I had 9 months left till the wedding and now it is 4 months and one week. I mean week is July 4th!

So the cake dilemma has hopefully found a resolution. I dont know if I even shared my cake dilemma but basically what has happened is that I had heard that this large grocery store here was a great place for wedding cakes and had great prices. Sounded good to me- Well, when my Mom was here we met with the flower and cake people at this store and planned everything out. Well, we didnt have to order that day so we waited to think about it. When we were talking to the cake guy the price just kept growing and before long their "cheap" prices were more expensive than the private baker we had been to before that hadnt worked out do to their delivery fees and time schedule plus, the grocery store only had 3 types of cake and had told us that fondant was out of the question at the beach. I might add that the cake wasnt that great taste wise. Well, I figured that if they were cheap then I did not want to even try another private bakery. Well, the more I thought about it the more frustrated I got so I decided to call a few places and check out other options. I found a good option and while Kyles parents were here this weekend- we all dropped in and checked it out. MORE THAN A HUNDRED DOLLARS CHEAPER! 7 TYPES OF CAKE TO CHOOSE FROM! NO EXTRA FEES FOR FILLINGS! AND THEY SWEAR UP AND DOWN THAT FONDANT IS A GREAT IDEA FOR THE BEACH AND BUTTERCREAM IS ACTUALLY A BAD IDEA! We made an appointment for a tasting for this weekend so cross your fingers....

We are also meeting with our officiant this weekend for the first time so hopefully we will be happy with him too.

So last weekend we took Kyle's parent's Joyce and Kurt to our new fave restaurant JoTo's which is kind of like Shogun or Osaka in Tulsa. We set at this booth with two random couples. We all immediately hit it off and started talking. The best thing about this place (for Kyle) is that they have a sushi bar so he ordered sushi and convinced his Dad and also this other guy, Marlin to try some of it. Well, Marlin wasn't quite brave enough to have the eel or softshell crab which were both raw- but he managed to choke down the tampa (fried grouper roll). We had a great time- both couples (although they didnt come together) were all from New York. One from Queens and the other from Long Island. Talk about some thick accents! Fogetaboutit!

On another subject entirely: Heather, I have just decided in the last five minutes that in honor of all your birthdays that I couldn't remember the other day - we should plan something big for next year to celebrate! I'm thinking....weekend in NYC! How much fun!

So, the next day we hit the beach at Anna Maria and showed K & J where we were getting married. Then we went and had horrible service (but great food) at the place we are planning on having our Rehearsal Dinner.

On Sunday we took them to our church (which can be a little overwhelming) and they enjoyed it. Our pastor had just gotten back from Africa on a missions trip two days before and Kyle and Kurt and Joyce had ran into him randomly on Friday which was fun. After church we ambushed them with lunch with our entire lifegroup which was a three hour crazy adventure at Olive Garden. After that we were exhausted for the rest of the day until we decided to go hunt for some ice cream at Nathan's across town.

Monday night we made them one of our famous "DINNER DONE" dinners and then we cleared off the table for Game Night. I won the Yahtzee tournament and Kyle took home the gold for SORRY. It was a lot of fun. We got to tell them all about the wedding and show them pictures of things to get them excited as well. We were sad to see them go on Tuesday morning (at 5:30 am!) but overall it had been a great trip.

Well, my lunch is almost over so I better wrap this up-

consider it wrapped


Tuesday, June 26, 2007



This quote is on my friend Amy's blog and everytime I read it I smile at the goodness
and amazing grace of God. Just wanted to share that today-

Kyle's parents went home today. We had a great visit and had a really nice time together. It was nice to begin to feel like a part of the family - odd, but comforting. I will chat more about that later- For now, have a fabulous day.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Here are a few cute pics from the bridesmaid's dress fittings last week. My Mom was there so she captured some little memories so I could see everyone since I couldn't be there.

Sara, Natalie, Heather, Ashton, Aaron, and Sheralyn

Here are your friendly neighborhood Cabales's~

This is Sheralyn's baby girl, Natalie with Sara.

One moment of wedding planning bliss:
Kyle and I have decided on our wedding bands and we got mine last Saturday!!

Have a good week everyone!

Chairs Chairs and More Chairs

I know I'm a designer and all but I gotta tell ya guys-
I HATE CHAIRS! Confused? Well, I have been all positive lately about how all
the wedding stuff is falling into place and it really has been! I mean, it is four and a half months out and I have everything done except for the few things that absolutely can't be done until a month or so before the big day. I mean it. It's done- it is weird to me that I have it all taken care of but it was so important to me to get things out of the way so I could focus on my licensing exam in September. And then...Chairs. I had decided that I was going to go ahead and book the chairs b/c I finally was settled on what it is I wanted and all that. So I call to place the order with the place only to find out that it is going to cost over a hundred dollars more than I thought. Now this doesnt seem like a lot of money (unless you saw the unrealistic price I was already planning to pay) I couldnt do it! I couldnt pay that much for them. Grrrrrr... But, I need chairs looks like they (the chair rental company) is going to win and I will most likely succumb and pay the insane price for my precious chairs. Gag. Well, I just had to vent that little bit of info to those who were starting to be annoyed by my fruity and fluffy wedding planning bliss the last few months. Just so you have one final picture in your mind of my chair dilemma. Imagine the price for 200 chairs.....and then imagine being charged that and then charged that much or more for them to bring you the chairs. Yes. This is why I am stuck in a chair rut. My mom suggested hay bails as a joke. If I didnt love her I could have been all kinds of Bridezilla after that remark. Hay bails...yee haw.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's no day at the beach...

So let's flash back to last weekend which I haven't blogged about yet. The gang decided to head to Anna Maria on Saturday for some beach time. We invited the new couple that had joined us at lifegroup on Wednesday and they were happy to come (i.e. we haven't scared them off yet). Kim and Brandon couldnt come b/c Kim couldn't get her shift covered and Brandon's mother was in the hospital (she is better now). The rest of us went to the beach and the adventure began. Well, first of course came the unloading of Kyle and I's beach stuff which would be intense for a family of four but what can i say - we just love the beach! So we unloaded the cooler, chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, large disk throwy thing, and the football and we were underway. The boys headed directly for the water while us girls opted to lay out for a bit (this turned into laying out under the safety and cool breeze of the umbrella). And then the show began: So we had the typical beach adventures for the first few hours, you know..the runaway intertube with the name Stella written on it in magic marker that we chase and then go search out the 4 year old who let it escape, we had the upturned umbrella, the beach bathroom trip that makes you feel even more disgusting than the salty water did, we had the people who shook their towels out and all the sand flew over and stuck on our freshly lotioned skin...we had it all folks...or so we thought.

So, as we are laying out several comments have been made about the woman to our left who is laying out alone. It seems that she was tanning and had unstrapped her top to lay on her stomach so she could tan her back (normal), the we realized that it was a one-piece suit-she was practically nude. We went back to our lives. And then she decides after a quick dip in the sea that she is through with beach wear...yes kids...she decided to change into dry clothes. Now, did she use the changing facilities that the fine state of Florida built on this public beach? No, friends, she choose the other route. There we were watching the waves crash on the shore, the guys were playing in the water (thankfully) and children were running around playing in the sand with their families. So she stands up and just peels off the top of her swimsuit - she is facing us about 15-20 feet away. Seriously....Amanda and I are just looking at each other in shock, is this really happening? So, then she gets out a shirt and starts fluffing it out in the breeze. Yes, fluffing it. It took her two minutes to put it on! We and the people beside us, and the mother 3 feet from this lady attempting to shield her 6 year old boys view were beside ourselves. Well, graciously once the shirt was on she tied a towels around her waist before taking off the bottoms and then finished with her business. It was all a little too personal for us - we were in shock and so I just had to pass on our grief to my dear devoted readers. Seriously..thats all I can say...Seriously?

After the peep show we headed home and along the way my dear car decided that cold air from the A/C when it is 100 degrees outside, muggy and getting ready to rain is just..well, overrated.
We pulled over and assessed the damages...air worka! it was one hot ride home b/c of course it started raining 3 minutes later and we had 15 miles to go. There are hidden blessings though, thankfully my Father who I esteem and look up to ever so much (and especially now) suggested 2 years ago when I bought my little lemon of a car that I purchase extended warranty coverage. And that kids is how my 1000 dollar air compressor made it into my hot to trot car for the low price of my deductible. I am glad to celebrate Father's Day this Saturday cuz he is just about my favorite guy ever at the moment!

So after the blow out or lack there of- the gang debeached ourselves and headed to JOTO's for some Japanese food. Brandon was able to meet up with us and we had a great evening..followed by some good ole' Taboo board game and Farm Store Ice cream. Kyle and I took the new people in our life group to the Farm Store b/c they like us (Northerners) had never seen one. In case you don't know (you probably wouldnt unless you have been in the south where weird unexplained things happen like farm stores and tomato grazy and collard greens).

The farm store is a store much like a grocery store except you can't go inside. You pull by a window, a little man comes out and asks what you need and you tell him: You need a gallon of Clorox bleach, two half gallons of ice cream, a slim jim, some double A batteries, a head of lettuce, and a lotto ticket. Seriously, this place exists. Kyle and I think it is the funniest thing ever so we had to take our new friends who just moved from Wisconsin to the crazy southern farm store.
It was a good weekend with a few moments of excitement....who knows what this weekend will hold!

Take care!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Heather!!!!

In honor of my good friend (and matron of honor) I am devoting today's blog to the infamous Miz Heathre Jeans. She is now an old maid of 24 (hee hee)...that sounds young but honestly for us it's starting to sound old. Where did 16 go?

So Heather I wish you a very very Happy Birthday and I hope you have a day that is as FABULOUS as you are!

In honor of your birthday I decided to pull out a few old memories of your birthday's past. So first I thought of the time that we went to Panera and I borrowed my Dad's truck and then I couldn't park it anywhere we went all day.......then I realized that that was my birthday. Then I thought of the time we all went to P.F. Changs and stuck chopsticks in our mouths and took pictures looking like walruses.....but, for some reason I think that was Aaron's birthday. Then I remembered the time I threw you a surprise party and you thought I hadn't planned anything and you were mad at me and then suddenly we drove up to your house and all your friends were there...Oh wait! That was my birthday too. And you threw me a party and I was mad at you right before we got to my house. Okay then, what about the time we went to Olive Garden and that funny song came on and we couldn't eat our food and Scotty's friend the waiter kept coming over and checking on us only to find we hadn't eaten a bite! And then later we jumped the median!! That was a good one....but now that I think about it, that was no one's birthday. Okay hold on here...10 years (has it been ten years?). Okay, here is what I can remember, the first birthday we ever celebrated for you....I think it was after sophomore year when you were being homeschooled. Pam and I came over and gave you a GIANT card and a GAP gift certificate that you bought a gray shirt and socks with. (check out that memory, eh?). Junior summer we must have done something in between Sonic and shopping. Senior year we might have been preparing or going to Disney on the best trip ever! (actually I think it was Sara's b-day that feel during that trip), it could be that we hung out at Pam's and played in the pool. After Freshman year in college..I was in Texas - I'm sure you did something fabulous. Sophomore year..Texas...fabulous. Junior got married a few weeks before. After senior year..I moved to Florida 4 or 5 days before your birthday. And for the last two years..Florida.

Welp Heath! It looks like I got the better friend out of the deal. You are the one who remembers everything. You are almost always there for my b-day. I hope you know how much I love ya girl! and I don't have too many fabulous and amazing memories that you were not there for! Have a great day!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It is so hard to watch friends go through hard times. Because unlike family you feel just outside the loop when it comes to really personal things. You want to help but you know that all you can offer is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. It is so hard to know what to say to a friend.
We had a discussion in lifegroup a week or so ago about telling people the truth about how you feel and also holding back the truth to avoid hurting feelings. I admitted to being one who sugarcoats and has a hard time confronting friends with my thoughts on their life and choices. I have never been one to feel it is my place - but there are moments when it just might be the right thing to do so long as your friendship is strong enough to handle such honesty. I hate to hurt feelings. So, I do what I do best - I worry.

The other seems to be offering an opinion when you are in such different places in your life. How can a married person offer safe advice to a single person of the same age without sounding like a lucky know-it all to the other. Or how can a single or engaged person offer advice to a married person? How can anyone talk about relationships when everyones is so different with so many different circumstances to consider. - see what I mean about the worrying thing.

Today I am sad and I can't exactly say why except that I feel like I am not being the friend that I would hope my friends would be to me. Make sense?

My mind is pummeling me with regrets today. Things I have done or said in the past that I swore I would never regret...they make me cringe. Promises I have broken. Words I have left unsaid. Strange how one thing can bring on so much emotion and so much thought from all corners of your life. If I wasn't on a deadline today- I might just be sitting at my desk all day in some daydreamy haze of reflection and worry.

Friday, June 08, 2007

You're Invited!

Well, not to pat myself on the back or anything..but, I have ordered my invitations! (and the crowd goes wild HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA).
In case you haven't noticed - this was an ordeal and a half! But, they are ordered along with other tiny details that seem to be creeping out of every corner.

Good news though! I have applied for my licensing exam and once i get this
wedding stuff tamed down a bit it will be a gung ho! Study session kinda summer!
Ah..those lovely humid summer days..a lemonade in one hand..a 10 pound study guide in the

Have a great weekend ya'all!

Shoutout to my Bridesmaids who are doing wedding stuff (dress fittings) in Tulsa w/o the bride!
Shoutout to my hubby to be who is the silliest and sweetest guy i know!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Wedding Planner

Well, my Mom and Brad are on their way home to rainy Oklahoma. They had high hopes
for dry weather while they were here but our fine state decided to take a 3 day break from the drought and bring in a good ole' tropical depression with plenty of rain to make em' feel at home. It was a good trip. Mom and I sent the boys off golfing and did some hard core wedding maneuvering. On friday night we went to Madeira Beach to go on this evening casino cruise we thought the parental units would enjoy but alas the weather struck again and we ended up at a little seafood joint on the coast called Sculley's. This evening would have ended well with some ice cream, shopping and a stop at the Hard Rock but the waiter at Sculley's grabbed (yes grabbed) Kyle as he was on his way out (we were already outside) and demanded a tip as he thought we had not tipped him. Kyle felt awful and gave him a ten dollar bill which is what we had supposedly left at the table. As he is walking out Kyle thinks to himself - wait a minute! we did too leave a tip! I can't believe this guy!- he goes and finds the guy and has the guy look at the receipt and demands his ten dollars back. He told the guy he was unethical and just plain rude. Can you believe that? Following a customer and demanding a tip? I was shocked. Rude rude rude...I wouldnt want to take anyone's job but we did want to go back in and speak to the manager-but hind's sight is 20 20.
Saturday we headed to Anna Maria to scope out the Beachhouse so my Mom could see it and also to look at some vacation rentals for them. Well, not only did we do that but we got to witness worse case scenario weather at the beach while a wedding was getting set up at the restaurant, but we got to see how everything is laid out for a ceremony and reception. Mom and I scanned for good ideas (and boy did we ever get some great ones!!) in fact this wedding was so cute that we could just mimic the whole thing and change the colors! This girl had it all together!
Next we stumbled upon a perfect restaurant for the rehearsal dinner ( a popular seafood chain called Shell's. It was super cute and really nice - we booked immediately)
Next, we drove down to Longboat Key and went to Sarasota to order my cake and flowers!!
FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! I can't even tell you how much fun it was to design the wedding bouquets and flowers for the cake (sigh) my wedding dreams are coming true!
Next we high tailed it back to the Beach house to see the whole thing set up (i.e. spy on the decor) and we ate dinner on the deck. It was so nice to see what a wedding looks like (we had seen one there once before but it was not in the same area as ours will be so this is a completely different picture)and get some ideas of what we do and do not want to do. After we ate we walked on the beach and managed to see the ceremony taking place just like ours will. (sigh sigh double sigh)
It was great and my Mom and I really got to do a lot together so we both feel like we haven't missed out with having it down here as opposed to at home. We checked off a long list of things to be done and then added a few more with our new found ideas. It worked out great and the excitement is really building.
Sunday we took them to our church and then the boys went golfing again with our friend James and they had an alligator encounter on the golf course which is always fun when there is someone with you from out of town. They had a good time and still have all their appendages so all is well. Mom and I shopped for a few more wedding items and a dress for her then we all collapsed exhausted from our crazy weekend.
Kyle and I took them to the airport at 4 this morning to catch an early flight. We are worn out but so happy to have gotten so much accomplished. I was so sad to see them go but we only have two weeks till Kyle's parents are here and then soon after my dad will be here for a week so we are pretty much too jam packed to be homesick.

Thanks for reading my ramble- Love you all!