Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's no day at the beach...

So let's flash back to last weekend which I haven't blogged about yet. The gang decided to head to Anna Maria on Saturday for some beach time. We invited the new couple that had joined us at lifegroup on Wednesday and they were happy to come (i.e. we haven't scared them off yet). Kim and Brandon couldnt come b/c Kim couldn't get her shift covered and Brandon's mother was in the hospital (she is better now). The rest of us went to the beach and the adventure began. Well, first of course came the unloading of Kyle and I's beach stuff which would be intense for a family of four but what can i say - we just love the beach! So we unloaded the cooler, chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, large disk throwy thing, and the football and we were underway. The boys headed directly for the water while us girls opted to lay out for a bit (this turned into laying out under the safety and cool breeze of the umbrella). And then the show began: So we had the typical beach adventures for the first few hours, you know..the runaway intertube with the name Stella written on it in magic marker that we chase and then go search out the 4 year old who let it escape, we had the upturned umbrella, the beach bathroom trip that makes you feel even more disgusting than the salty water did, we had the people who shook their towels out and all the sand flew over and stuck on our freshly lotioned skin...we had it all folks...or so we thought.

So, as we are laying out several comments have been made about the woman to our left who is laying out alone. It seems that she was tanning and had unstrapped her top to lay on her stomach so she could tan her back (normal), the we realized that it was a one-piece suit-she was practically nude. We went back to our lives. And then she decides after a quick dip in the sea that she is through with beach wear...yes kids...she decided to change into dry clothes. Now, did she use the changing facilities that the fine state of Florida built on this public beach? No, friends, she choose the other route. There we were watching the waves crash on the shore, the guys were playing in the water (thankfully) and children were running around playing in the sand with their families. So she stands up and just peels off the top of her swimsuit - she is facing us about 15-20 feet away. Seriously....Amanda and I are just looking at each other in shock, is this really happening? So, then she gets out a shirt and starts fluffing it out in the breeze. Yes, fluffing it. It took her two minutes to put it on! We and the people beside us, and the mother 3 feet from this lady attempting to shield her 6 year old boys view were beside ourselves. Well, graciously once the shirt was on she tied a towels around her waist before taking off the bottoms and then finished with her business. It was all a little too personal for us - we were in shock and so I just had to pass on our grief to my dear devoted readers. Seriously..thats all I can say...Seriously?

After the peep show we headed home and along the way my dear car decided that cold air from the A/C when it is 100 degrees outside, muggy and getting ready to rain is just..well, overrated.
We pulled over and assessed the damages...air worka! it was one hot ride home b/c of course it started raining 3 minutes later and we had 15 miles to go. There are hidden blessings though, thankfully my Father who I esteem and look up to ever so much (and especially now) suggested 2 years ago when I bought my little lemon of a car that I purchase extended warranty coverage. And that kids is how my 1000 dollar air compressor made it into my hot to trot car for the low price of my deductible. I am glad to celebrate Father's Day this Saturday cuz he is just about my favorite guy ever at the moment!

So after the blow out or lack there of- the gang debeached ourselves and headed to JOTO's for some Japanese food. Brandon was able to meet up with us and we had a great evening..followed by some good ole' Taboo board game and Farm Store Ice cream. Kyle and I took the new people in our life group to the Farm Store b/c they like us (Northerners) had never seen one. In case you don't know (you probably wouldnt unless you have been in the south where weird unexplained things happen like farm stores and tomato grazy and collard greens).

The farm store is a store much like a grocery store except you can't go inside. You pull by a window, a little man comes out and asks what you need and you tell him: You need a gallon of Clorox bleach, two half gallons of ice cream, a slim jim, some double A batteries, a head of lettuce, and a lotto ticket. Seriously, this place exists. Kyle and I think it is the funniest thing ever so we had to take our new friends who just moved from Wisconsin to the crazy southern farm store.
It was a good weekend with a few moments of excitement....who knows what this weekend will hold!

Take care!