Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chairs Chairs and More Chairs

I know I'm a designer and all but I gotta tell ya guys-
I HATE CHAIRS! Confused? Well, I have been all positive lately about how all
the wedding stuff is falling into place and it really has been! I mean, it is four and a half months out and I have everything done except for the few things that absolutely can't be done until a month or so before the big day. I mean it. It's done- it is weird to me that I have it all taken care of but it was so important to me to get things out of the way so I could focus on my licensing exam in September. And then...Chairs. I had decided that I was going to go ahead and book the chairs b/c I finally was settled on what it is I wanted and all that. So I call to place the order with the place only to find out that it is going to cost over a hundred dollars more than I thought. Now this doesnt seem like a lot of money (unless you saw the unrealistic price I was already planning to pay) I couldnt do it! I couldnt pay that much for them. Grrrrrr... But, I need chairs looks like they (the chair rental company) is going to win and I will most likely succumb and pay the insane price for my precious chairs. Gag. Well, I just had to vent that little bit of info to those who were starting to be annoyed by my fruity and fluffy wedding planning bliss the last few months. Just so you have one final picture in your mind of my chair dilemma. Imagine the price for 200 chairs.....and then imagine being charged that and then charged that much or more for them to bring you the chairs. Yes. This is why I am stuck in a chair rut. My mom suggested hay bails as a joke. If I didnt love her I could have been all kinds of Bridezilla after that remark. Hay bails...yee haw.