Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Heather!!!!

In honor of my good friend (and matron of honor) I am devoting today's blog to the infamous Miz Heathre Jeans. She is now an old maid of 24 (hee hee)...that sounds young but honestly for us it's starting to sound old. Where did 16 go?

So Heather I wish you a very very Happy Birthday and I hope you have a day that is as FABULOUS as you are!

In honor of your birthday I decided to pull out a few old memories of your birthday's past. So first I thought of the time that we went to Panera and I borrowed my Dad's truck and then I couldn't park it anywhere we went all day.......then I realized that that was my birthday. Then I thought of the time we all went to P.F. Changs and stuck chopsticks in our mouths and took pictures looking like walruses.....but, for some reason I think that was Aaron's birthday. Then I remembered the time I threw you a surprise party and you thought I hadn't planned anything and you were mad at me and then suddenly we drove up to your house and all your friends were there...Oh wait! That was my birthday too. And you threw me a party and I was mad at you right before we got to my house. Okay then, what about the time we went to Olive Garden and that funny song came on and we couldn't eat our food and Scotty's friend the waiter kept coming over and checking on us only to find we hadn't eaten a bite! And then later we jumped the median!! That was a good one....but now that I think about it, that was no one's birthday. Okay hold on here...10 years (has it been ten years?). Okay, here is what I can remember, the first birthday we ever celebrated for you....I think it was after sophomore year when you were being homeschooled. Pam and I came over and gave you a GIANT card and a GAP gift certificate that you bought a gray shirt and socks with. (check out that memory, eh?). Junior summer we must have done something in between Sonic and shopping. Senior year we might have been preparing or going to Disney on the best trip ever! (actually I think it was Sara's b-day that feel during that trip), it could be that we hung out at Pam's and played in the pool. After Freshman year in college..I was in Texas - I'm sure you did something fabulous. Sophomore year..Texas...fabulous. Junior got married a few weeks before. After senior year..I moved to Florida 4 or 5 days before your birthday. And for the last two years..Florida.

Welp Heath! It looks like I got the better friend out of the deal. You are the one who remembers everything. You are almost always there for my b-day. I hope you know how much I love ya girl! and I don't have too many fabulous and amazing memories that you were not there for! Have a great day!!