Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I lost in the battle of me vs. the chairs

Wednesday already! This week is flying by- in fact this whole year is flying by. I remember when I had 9 months left till the wedding and now it is 4 months and one week. I mean week is July 4th!

So the cake dilemma has hopefully found a resolution. I dont know if I even shared my cake dilemma but basically what has happened is that I had heard that this large grocery store here was a great place for wedding cakes and had great prices. Sounded good to me- Well, when my Mom was here we met with the flower and cake people at this store and planned everything out. Well, we didnt have to order that day so we waited to think about it. When we were talking to the cake guy the price just kept growing and before long their "cheap" prices were more expensive than the private baker we had been to before that hadnt worked out do to their delivery fees and time schedule plus, the grocery store only had 3 types of cake and had told us that fondant was out of the question at the beach. I might add that the cake wasnt that great taste wise. Well, I figured that if they were cheap then I did not want to even try another private bakery. Well, the more I thought about it the more frustrated I got so I decided to call a few places and check out other options. I found a good option and while Kyles parents were here this weekend- we all dropped in and checked it out. MORE THAN A HUNDRED DOLLARS CHEAPER! 7 TYPES OF CAKE TO CHOOSE FROM! NO EXTRA FEES FOR FILLINGS! AND THEY SWEAR UP AND DOWN THAT FONDANT IS A GREAT IDEA FOR THE BEACH AND BUTTERCREAM IS ACTUALLY A BAD IDEA! We made an appointment for a tasting for this weekend so cross your fingers....

We are also meeting with our officiant this weekend for the first time so hopefully we will be happy with him too.

So last weekend we took Kyle's parent's Joyce and Kurt to our new fave restaurant JoTo's which is kind of like Shogun or Osaka in Tulsa. We set at this booth with two random couples. We all immediately hit it off and started talking. The best thing about this place (for Kyle) is that they have a sushi bar so he ordered sushi and convinced his Dad and also this other guy, Marlin to try some of it. Well, Marlin wasn't quite brave enough to have the eel or softshell crab which were both raw- but he managed to choke down the tampa (fried grouper roll). We had a great time- both couples (although they didnt come together) were all from New York. One from Queens and the other from Long Island. Talk about some thick accents! Fogetaboutit!

On another subject entirely: Heather, I have just decided in the last five minutes that in honor of all your birthdays that I couldn't remember the other day - we should plan something big for next year to celebrate! I'm thinking....weekend in NYC! How much fun!

So, the next day we hit the beach at Anna Maria and showed K & J where we were getting married. Then we went and had horrible service (but great food) at the place we are planning on having our Rehearsal Dinner.

On Sunday we took them to our church (which can be a little overwhelming) and they enjoyed it. Our pastor had just gotten back from Africa on a missions trip two days before and Kyle and Kurt and Joyce had ran into him randomly on Friday which was fun. After church we ambushed them with lunch with our entire lifegroup which was a three hour crazy adventure at Olive Garden. After that we were exhausted for the rest of the day until we decided to go hunt for some ice cream at Nathan's across town.

Monday night we made them one of our famous "DINNER DONE" dinners and then we cleared off the table for Game Night. I won the Yahtzee tournament and Kyle took home the gold for SORRY. It was a lot of fun. We got to tell them all about the wedding and show them pictures of things to get them excited as well. We were sad to see them go on Tuesday morning (at 5:30 am!) but overall it had been a great trip.

Well, my lunch is almost over so I better wrap this up-

consider it wrapped