Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Well, I am off work on a day in the middle of the week but I am not sleeping in - no sir, I am awake at 7 am for no reason. I dont know what is wrong with me, this week I am felt so restless all day like I can get my mind occupied for any length of time. And I have been having nightmares until last night when I didnt sleep at all. Blah on that. I am sooooo the girl who could lay in bed till noonm being awake at 5 on a holiday seems like a crime. But, since I am awake I figured that I would blog about my past weekend and share with you a few wedding events.

On Saturday we had two meetings, our officiant and our cake tasting. We met our officiant for the first time at his island home on Anna Maria and we both really liked him and are extremely happy we chose him to do our ceremony. He is a Methodist pastor but he performs many of the weddings on the island and came highly recommended by everyone else we are working with. He is a dear older man and we had a good time talking to him and thinking about the ceremony. And get this - his wife is from Tulsa, OK. Small world, eh?

Next was the cake testing. We had a blast picking our the flavors and fillings for each layer and then designing the cake with the baker. She is this great lady and we are so excited we found her. We ended up saving a lot of money and getting exactly what we wanted and a little more.

I have wrapped up the last of the wedding details for the time being so for now I am locked down to studying for my exams and getting ready for that. I actually got my acceptance notification yesterday that I get to take the test so that was really exciting! I also found out on Friday that my letter to the ASID pres did not go unnoticed as they have finally planned a test workshop here in Tampa. I am sooooo glad. It will be a practice exam and I am hoping it will really help me to know what areas I need to work on the most. Keep me in your prayers on this one guys - this test is totally intimidating me.

I am sure that everyone has fun Holidays plans today (of course I bet you Okies would just appreciate some good ole sunshine!) and we are no different. We are having a pool party at our friends James and Amandas house and then we are going to cookout and then go watch some fireworks and shoot some off as well. All of us girls have bought the Old Navy classic fourth of July shirts which should be cute for some group pictures, so we should have a fun day ahead of us. Hope the same is true for all of you! Have a happy and safe day!!

Happy Fourth~