Saturday, July 07, 2007

TV Marathons

Okay- So I am addicted to the television marathons! I have watched a season of TOP MODEL in the last day and a half! (That was a very pathetic confession folks)

Anywhoo- This week was kind of blah-esque but the good news is that I got accepted to take my exam in September! Now I GET to study for it. Yikes! Other than that the week just flew by and I am trying to recover from my extreme mosquito bites (thank you so much nightime firework displays) itchy itchy-

So now what?

More marathons? I guess so. Lack of sleep and this restless attitude I have has made me a bit cranky. Dinner and a movie is on the agenda for tonight so hopefully that will help tear me away from the mold my booty has made in this chair today-

Have a great weekend!