Friday, July 20, 2007

In a funk...

That's me. In a funk. My friend Kim asked me the other day if I was in a "funk" b/c i looked a little gloomy. And I thought to myself, "Yes! That is exactly what I am in, a funk." Normally, I think of funk as funky, meaning kinda cooky or different but in a more positive light. My present funk is more on the dark and disturbed side. That's me folks..A ball of dark disturbed funk.


What to do..What to do...
Not quite sure, but here are some things I am trying:
1. Start eating healthier - no snacking!
2. Exercise with Kyle after work
3. Reduce time spent worrying
4. Study for test one hour each night
5. Start a new book.

Here are some things that are not helping that I advise against should you find yourself in a "funk":
1. Start new diet, start period, start looking in the mirror thinking "you, chubby thing you!" all in the same week.
2. Realize that you are so wrapped up in the wedding that you have no desire to further your career by taking a test.
3. Watch the movie "Catch and Release" when you are planning to get married any time soon. And do not watch twice before taking it back to Blockbuster or chosen movie rental agency.
4. Do not get mild food poisoning.
5. Do not listen when someone says, "Now, you know that everything isnt going to be perfect on your wedding day right?"
6. Do not obsess over #5 until you are convinced that that person knows something you dont know such as the hurricane schedule for November or that your dress came back pink or did not come back..etc. etc. etc. you can imagine.
7. Do not dream about your cake being bigger than you are and having a stuffed cougar on top instead of roses. I will not go any further on that...
8. Do not fight with fiance' in the car for no good reason..arguing in the car is bad only escalates because you are trapped.
9. Do not change your breakfast eating routine. This can lead to #4.
10. Avoid fast food.
11. Do not try to control everything.
12. Know when you need to just be alone.

Are you in a "funk"? I don't even know exactly what it is-
Define FUNK:
pronounciation {fuhngk}


1.cowering fear; state of great fright or terror.
2.a dejected mood: "He's been in a funk ever since he lost his job. " having a funky quality.
2.the state or quality of being funky.
3.a strong smell; stench.

–verb (used with object) be afraid of. frighten. shrink from; try to shirk.

–verb (used without object) shrink or quail in fear.

1.An earthy quality appreciated in music such as jazz or soul.
A type of popular music combining elements of jazz, blues, and soul and characterized by syncopated rhythm and a heavy, repetitive bass line.

1.An unsophisticated quality or atmosphere of a region or locality: "The setting is country funk" (Nina Martin).

A Polish-born American biochemist whose research of deficiency diseases led to his discovery of vitamins, which he named in 1912.

That is a variety of interpretations of the word Funk. I wish I was an "earthy quality appreciated in music such as jazz or soul". I do not smell ( I hope) and I am not a biochemist. Actually, I think I am in more of "a dejected mood".

Happy Weekend.

-Funky in Florida