Monday, July 23, 2007

It's just another Manic Monday...I wish it was Sunday...

Monday again. After a pretty successful weekend I still did not manage to welcome Monday with open arms. I crawled from my bed like a bear who had been hibernating for the winter- and I looked the part too. Grrrrr...morning is no friend of mine.

And somehow I got to work in my partially functioning car (yes, car trouble again), grabbed my starbucks on the way and tackled my recent project - a bank - where we have officially decided to go with my original design for the floor plan. Wahoo! I pat on the back is a decent Monday phenomenon so my day has been brightened.

Yesterday was a beachy day. After church, a gang of us headed to Anna Maria to catch some rays and veg out on the sand. We were successful. It was a good day that ended in only a minor sunburn on my back..darn the boogie boarding. Kyle was somewhat worse off and I was to blame as I had applied his sunscreen on his back and I missed a few spots on his sholder....oops!

I worked Saturday so not much can be said for the days events except that Kyle and James fixed Kyles truck which had been on the fritz and then we three went to Crazy Buffet in Tampa which is the really different buffet that serves 50 different kinds of sushi. I don't know how many of you enjoy sushi and I bet you are shocked that I would at all since I do not eat fish or seafood - but it was very good and always an exciting experience as I am still a newbie at the whole sushi scene. Not everyone will like it but I urge you to give it a whirl. In each sushi experience I have had there is always something new that I try and then have to remember not to dwell on what it was but only on whether it tasted good or not. Such as eel or tuna - these are generally good. Softshell crab - not so good. Anything in a cream cheese roll - Mmmm yummy.
It was fun to go and try some new things and afterwards we went back to James and Amanda's and watched a movie - Norbit - which I do not recommend.

Friday night we went to Gameworks in Ybor with J & A and quite a good time. Gameworks is an giant arcade that is strictly for adults. They have a lot of games that you can play with a quite a few people + a lot of games you dont find anywhere else. However, there was Skeeball so I was satisfied with my old timey favorite. Our prizes included a rubber chicken keychain and a mini basketball hoop that Kyle is taking to work to put on his desk. As you can was clearly a successful night (hee hee). Goodtimes....

(notice how I am working in reverse through the weekend)

That reminds me! I havent let everyone know about our new fish! We added a few new fish to our tank last week and we are very excited. We added 3 tiger barbs, a frog, and two red glowy looking fish whose name eludes me. We named them memory has left on some vacation and I cannot remember.

Well, my lunch hour is almost over so I must wrap this up-

A big congrats to my friend Katie who got engaged this weekend!! Yay!!! Another bride!! There must be something in the air....

Happy Monday!

-Somewhat less funky that last time