Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fishing again...

We had so much fun fishing together the weekend before last that we just

had to go again! And this time we brought friends -

It was crazy windy this weekend and that made the fishing a bit of a challenge. Most of the time we felt like we were going to be blown away ourselves! We had to tie down our chairs and anchor everything as the wind was so strong.

It didn't stop us though- from having a blast and from catching fish!
I won the day by catching 3 fish that I am told were Spanish Mackerel.

I WAS wearing a hat but the wind was so crazy I ended up just sporting the windblown look-

Here I am with my first catch of the day - I named him Ed.

Here we are attempting to all get in a photo - we made it!

We headed home when we couldn't take the wind anymore - we were a little sunburnt and a lot windburnt(?). We had a great time and are definitely planning another fishing day minus the wind!

After we recouped from our fishing adventure, we got a surprise call from some family from Northern Florida who were in Tampa for a mini vacation. We headed out to have dinner with them and them and afterwards we all went to play some mini-golf together. We had a lot of fun and everyone got a hole in one at one hole or another which made for some great memories!

Here is a pic of Kyle with his family after the game!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Harley!

Yesterday was Harley's Birthday! He is one year old. We had a mini celebration with puppy ice cream and some new toys (which he promptly destroyed..)

Meeting up!

For the first time since beginning blogging I have met a fellow blogger in real life! This is my blogger friend Steph (from The Scoop from the Loop) and I at church this past Sunday - her family had been searching for a new church home since moving down to Florida and we invited them to come to our church.

They seemed to really enjoy it and we definitely hope they continue to come!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Using your time wisely.

First I just have to say that I was so surprised to find out how many people were lurking around my little blog here! I couldn’t believe it! I am touched by your kind words about my writing, etc and I hope you keep reading and now that I know you read I will have to come and visit your blogs as well.

It’s finally Friday here at Reflections of Moi and I have to tell you that it is not looking like too much of anything is going on today. As I sit here at my desk typing my post in Microsoft Word (cuz...it looks more professional than blogger) I am wondering what today is going to bring.
The past few weeks have been beyond slow and as you know from recent posts- I am slowly losing my mind. I try to make up little routines that I go through each morning to take up time and make me feel busy:

First when I get in I make my oatmeal in my coffee cup (2 min.) and then I come back to my desk and check my work and personal email (30 min.), then I eat my morning pear (not to be confused with my after lunch pear) (hmmm..2 min.) and then I take care of any mail that I have that needs to go out today (0-5 minutes). Okay, so seeing as how I was 4 minutes late today that puts me at about...hmmm…8:38 am or if there was lots of mail 8:43 am. Only 7 hours and change to go! Not including my hour lunch of course where I used to check my personal email, blog, watch TV online, or read. Now, because I wrote this post I am now at 9 am so…things are looking up!

Now, let’s see…what else can I schedule for today? I was thinking about a good day dream that I could have around 10:30 or so…something with Jon Krazinski or Robert Pattinson or maybe just about shopping! Yeah I could probably daydream for about 10 minutes or so as long as the phone doesn’t ring.

So what shall I do between 9am (which is now) and 10:30am when I have tentatively scheduled my daydream? I could probably spend a good hour reading blogs and maybe another half hour writing some advance posts for another blog…Let’s see here now I have to get from 10:40 to lunch at noon:

String all paperclips together into fashionable necklace (4 min.)
Color nails in with different colored highlighters (6 min.)
Stare at wall and dream about being photographed in magazine for design work (7 ½ min.)
Make cup of tea (24 min.you know, cuz I will wonder thru the office and have various office type conversations…and then sipping and smelling the tea…)
Reverse post-it pads configuration into accordion …(10 min.)
Stare at color selections for project and look busy (5 min.)
Cancel magazine subscription (2 min.)
Read all yahoo articles of the day (11 min.)
Text message Mom (2 min.)
Go to barnes and noble online and pick out books I want to read soon (6.5 min.)
Text message Mom back (2 min.)

Oh, thank goodness! It’s noon. Are you all exhausted? Me too…eat lunch (7 min.) and nap at desk to rest up for Girl's Game Night tonight (53 min. if the phone doesn’t ring)….

Only 4 hours to go! Please let me know if you have any suggestions of what I might do with my spare time - Don’t hold back; next week is a 40 hour week…(sigh)…


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why do we blog?

Lately I have been thinking about why I blog – you know, like what is my purpose and what am I trying to do or who am I trying to speak to? I have always looked at my blog as a sort of online journal – a place where I can write anything I want or anything I am feeling and maybe, just maybe that information is interesting to other people out in the blogging community. I used to write in a journal and I think while I wrote things in a private format that I would NEVER write in my blog there were other times that I kind of wanted to share it and for me that is what I want my blog to be – my online journal of my life in good times and bad.

So, what ISN’T my blog? My blog is not my way of letting everyone know how I am doing, it is not directed at others and it is not my way of keeping you up to date on my situations. I had a phone call yesterday in response to something that someone read on my blog. They had concern and I am grateful for their concern. But I don’t want to talk about my blog and what I wrote unless IT IS ON MY BLOG. That is what comments are for. They let you know what someone thought of what you said, they listed their concerns or thoughts, opinions, comedy whatever about what that post said and you are able to comment back and maybe even strike up an online dialogue about it. Bloggers LURVE them some comments people! It makes us feel like someone out there is reading what we wrote and maybe, just maybe it was interesting. Now, you might not comment on every post you read that is understandable – but in general if it is something you read on a regular basis then you should comment and let that blogger know! When you have two comments on a post - you think you have two readers. And I would rather have two readers than none but, if you are reading let me know!

If you are not a blogger you should still comment anonymously and add your name otherwise I (the author of my blog) start to get nervous that people are just reading my thoughts and ideas and little snippets but don’t have anything to say. If you don’t have anything to say – then don’t read. I know that sounds mean, but I feel like I am putting myself out there and I don’t know who is reading and I feel vulnerable.

I am not just here to complain or gripe at anyone – I am just making a plea that my readers let me know! I am considering making my blog private so that I have even more license to speak my mind and if I have 5 readers then that makes total sense (I can just allow those 5 people to access my blog) but if I have more then maybe I will keep it public.
I blog for me, but I love that other people are interested.
I wouldn’t mail you letters torn out of my journal, I can keep up with my loved one’s more personally via email if need be. I’ve been blogging for 3 and a half years now and I think maybe it’s time to go private or maybe just start fresh.

Alright all you lurkers and blog stalkers! I am declaring this the OFFICIAL Reflections of Moi DE-LURKING DAY!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy!!

Well, last weekend I suggested to Kyle that we head out to the pier and do some fishing. It was nice to get out of the house and spend the whole day outside having fun! I am not much for fishing normally but we really did have a great time!

Here is Kyle with his first catch of the day! I know I know, you are wondering how we even were able to reel it in!

Here is my hubby reeling in another one! I love this picture of the pole and the sun...
Here is the biggest dork on the planet.

And here I am with one of my fish (that I let go, of course!)...and no he was not my bait.
Anyhow, we had a great time and really enjoyed the outdoors and watching the dolphins that were playing out in the water. We plan to go again soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life goes on...

Are you ever shocked that the world goes on despite your own personal disasters?
I mean, your world is totally flipped on its head and yet everything else just keeps trucking along as usual while you stand there staring in wonder. I’m not talking about being self absorbed and thinking the world revolves around you – just how something in us expects the world to acknowledge our traumatic event or something. It’s like when you get in a car accident and once the cars are hauled off and the glass is swept up, the traffic returns back to normal and no one even knows it happened – while you are still laying in a hospital bed trying to figure out how this might have changed your life forever.
Now as we are dealing with living on one income and making decisions for our life (as soooo many people are doing around the country) we feel like no one knows – like we are just on this lone island together trying to plan a way to escape. Family might call and check and the occasional friend might shoot an email but the world doesn’t really give a flip. When it is your whole wide world that is confusing and scary and just a big blank unknown – it’s hard to accept that the days are supposed to keep going on like they always have. When the world is upside down – you just want it all to feel that way – not be stuck in some semblance of normalcy because all that does is confuse you. Are we supposed to be nervous and anxious or relaxed, calm and sure that everything will be fine?

I’ve got to tell you – it has really been one adventure after another since the day I walked across that stage and got my diploma. A whirlwind of events; and while we are as always geared up for the next phase of our adventure, there is this thing inside that just wonders why? Why do we all have such different lives, plans, goals, dreams and fate?

Well, it’s Tuesday…have a good week!

P.S. pictures from our weekend adventure tomorrow!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Staying upbeat.

This is our third week of the “what are we going to do with our lives” blues. We are trying our best to stay upbeat and focused on being patient but, dang it! that is so hard to do. It’s like we sit around avoiding the topic because we are afraid to put to much hope into one idea or another by chatting excitedly about it. So we are just rolling along and trying to keep our spirits up and live life one day at a time.
So, yesterday I suggested to Kyle that we go do something fun this weekend. It has to be super cheap and it HAS TO GET US OUT OF THE HOUSE so we can take in some delightfully hot springy Florida weather. So here is hoping we have a relaxing and fun weekend that continues to distract us from the realities of our current state of internal chaos. Cheers to that!

And I will try to take some pics of whatever we do to share with you -

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Waiting Room

Do you ever feel like you are in this big waiting room for your life? I don’t mean that you’ve been sitting around waiting for your life to happen or anything…just that due to recent circumstances you seem to be just waiting to see what is going to happen. You do all you can and then all there is left to do is let the clock tick by and hope that something happens. I know some people will read this and say that that is the wrong approach and you need to get out there and do do do and make things happen – but what if you really have done all you can and the information is out there and you really can do nothing but wait.

Waiting. I am not a patient person, I can definitely play it calm and cool but inside I am in chaos. What are we going to do? What is the next step? What will life bring us next? Over the last year or so we have dealt with more than I imagined us dealing with in our first five years of marriage let alone our first – and here we are again; Wide eyed and wondering what will come next. We are obviously still brewing on all the typical things young married couples deal with – when should we have kids? When we decide to have them will we be able to physically – what if there is something wrong and we don’t know it yet? Where should we settle down, buy a home? Can we afford a home – is it too risky to get locked into something? What about renting forever? How do we move forward in our careers – what is the next step?

I really feel like we arrived at an office and put our names on the list and we are sitting in those uncomfortable chairs watching daytime TV and leafing through a Highlight’s magazine. We are in the waiting room just sitting and hoping that soon that door will open and we will know the answer to the all important question of “What’s next?”.
Until then we can’t get too scared or too worked up – we can barely even think about anything except trying to be patient, being grateful for what we do have and knowing that that door has to open soon…I mean...it just has to.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Art of doing nothing very little

As we all know – the economy is in a major slump – this affects a lot of people, A LOT of people and I count myself among the affected. It used to just be the news and now it is our life with Kyle at home due to layoffs at his company and my work ever slowing and worrisome.
So as I am also in the construction biz you might have guessed that our work is minimal. Did you? Well, you are correct. This is a slow time – my company has already made several layoffs and has said that they are down to the “core” group and they hope to retain us all through the recession – but no promises can be made. So….we often have very little to do around here. There is more conversation happening and more lay time than ever before. I have been in this state for about 6 months. Some days I am busy and then I will have a 4 day shot of nothing. 8 hours a day with no work. So, we have a meeting and they tell us to try as much as possible to stay busy – spend time learning more about the software, read some journals, research some products, clean your desk out, help around the office…you get the general idea. The issue they are skirting around here is Don’t just play on the internet all day. But, frankly people, after 6 months – I have the software down, I have designed my dream home twice, I have read every back issue of Interior Design magazine that I have (4 years worth), I have researched products till I am blue in the face and my desk is so freaking clean and organized I can barely find anything. So what am I to do? Seriously? If a project or small task comes up I do it immediately with no question – no matter what it is. But, I have a real hard time faking working - I have resorted to reading text books. TEXTBOOKS people! So I am praying that they will excuse me when I take a 15 minute break from Professional Practices of Interior Design Chapter 57 to jot down a quick blog and snoop some new linen on Overstock. I am trying my best here! And to be honest…no one has said anything – I just feel it. I feel that layoff meeting looming in my future. At least my desk will be organized when I leave and I will easily be able to stuff my belongings in the cardboard box of recession….

Monday, March 16, 2009

Que Syrah Syrah!

Well, our little wine tasting event went quite well on Friday. We ended up having 5 couples join us! We were so shocked that everyone was able to be there! Although I did scramble a bit for the wine glasses as I had broken one the night before (only me.).

Each couple arrived with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that Kyle quickly concealed in a paper bag with a designated letter on it. All the bottles were opened and one by one we tasted the wine and ranked each on a score sheet. We ranked based on Aroma, Taste, Appearance, Lasting Taste and overall enjoyment.

We had seven wines to go through and as we went down the list people enjoyed some while pouring out others! Thank goodness for the splash bucket! We enjoyed some Aged Cheddar and Aged Parmesan cheeses to bring out different flavors in the Cabernet and we also had a few treats prepared that we had enjoyed on our trip to Paso Robles last month. We served a chimmichurri spread as well as a Cantellinni Bean Spread and some yummy toasted bread with Italian seasonings and grapeseed oil.

Everyone munched on the food and sipped the wine and at the end Kyle added up all the scorecards and there was a clear winner! The couple who brought the most liked wine received a prize after the tasting. They won a stainless steel wine pourer like the one Kyle and I used for the party. That was a really fun part of the night – we then compared the price differences and ages of the wine and would you believe it the wine that won the prize was under 10 dollars in price and a 2006. We had wine up to about 25 dollars and as much as 6 years old and we were all surprised at the winner.

For your information – it was a Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi.

After some dessert and visiting we called it a night! It was a fun experience and we both hope to host many more wine parties in the future!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Thoughts...

When I opened up my little word document to start working on today’s post I really didn’t have a good idea of what I was going to write about today. The truth is that I have a lot on my mind at the moment. Here is what I am mulling around today:

Our future and Kyle’s job
My Wine Tasting Party tonight!
Come Thirsty by Max Lucado – the recent chapter I read really hit a note with me
My family and the distance I am from them, I wonder constantly if they are happy
My great friends that I miss so much and Heather is pregnant! I so wish I was going to be there for baby #2!
Books I am halfway through-
Good manners and etiquette – some behaviors just hit a nerve with me! But, not everyone seems to act appropriately or at least according to socially accepted “good manners”.
My dreams
Wreaths made of ping pong balls (Thanks Kimba…)
My blogs
My lack of work…
The economy and our president
People I know who are sick or have family who are sick and suffering

See! There is a lot going on in my mind today. Sometimes I wish I could just clear my mind completely – maybe I should go get a massage…

What about you? Do you have a million thoughts flying around in your head today?
Friday should be a relaxing peaceful day…the end of the work week with only glorious relaxation and homeyness to ponder on. Yeah, right.

I will be sure to take some pics at our Brown Bag Wine Tasting tonight so I can share our fun time with all of you! I’m sure I will be rushing home to make sure everything is just right and ready to go – it is so much fun to host a party!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today this song just struck me in light of all the things we are going through right now...

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Bring The Rain by MercyMe

I can count a million times
People asking me how I
Can praise You with all that I've gone through
The question just amazes me
Can circumstances possibly
Change who I forever am in You
Maybe since my life was changed
Long before these rainy days
It's never really ever crossed my mind
To turn my back on you, oh Lord
My only shelter from the storm
But instead I draw closer through these times
So I pray

Bring me joy, bring me peace
Bring the chance to be free
Bring me anything that brings You glory
And I know there'll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that's what it takes to praise You
Jesus, bring the rain

I am Yours regardless of
The dark clouds that may loom above
Because You are much greater than my pain
You who made a way for me
By suffering Your destiny
So tell me what's a little rain
So I pray

Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lord God Almighty

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pictures from our trip! Finally!

We had such a great time on our vacation. We headed out to Los Angeles to see Kyle's brother and his fiance'. We visited their new home and spent some great time just getting to know them better. We also took a road trip to wine country in Paso Robles, CA. We spent the day wine tasting and had a really great time. We stayed there for the night and then stopped by a few more vineyards before we left town. The visit went way too fast and before we knew it we had to head back home. It really was a nice relaxing little vacation and we both hope it's not too long before we get to visit them again!

"Thank God for regular days." -Gloria Gaither

This was the quote on my daily calendar today. It was a good day. I had lunch with my husband and I had work to do. It was a peaceful and nice regular day.

I often forget to see him in the small things and I forget to pray even when I am constantly saying that we need to give it to the Lord in prayer. I know he sees and loves me anyway but I want to be thankful for these regular days and thankful for the peace and blessings he has given us even as we are praying through our struggles and trusting in him for each day with hope and anticipation for the future.

Reasons to just listen to a CD...

So, I am driving to work this morning listening to my favorite little radio station. Yeah, the DJ’s are corny but the music is good – a mix of 80’s 90’s and some current hits thrown in. So a segment comes on and this is what happens…

DJ Mark: So, here is an interesting fact for you: Did you know that 2 out of every 3 people has lied about a reading a book?

DJ Lisa: Well, that’s understandable – I’m sure a lot of people do that!

DJ Mark: Ummmm..Why would someone lie about reading a book?

DJ Lisa: Well, probably in a situation where they felt like if they said they had read a certain book they would fit into a conversation or something. Or they might lie about reading a certain book as a measure to impress others.

DJ Mark: So, they might do it to impress someone or to fit in? Hmmm….well, here are the top three books that people lie about having read….

DJ Lisa (interrupting): Is it the Twilight series? I am always impressed when I hear someone has read that!

Hold on Hold on……WHAT? Sorry, Twilight lovers – I liked it just as much as the next person but WHAT? Why would someone lie about reading that and what about reading it is impressive to DJ Lisa? Because it’s long? Because it’s about vampires? WHAT? This irritated me to the core! While it might be a great GREAT story it is not a piece of classical literature that people would lie about reading in order to fit in or impress people! Who is this lady? Throughout the first half of the dialogue I thought the guy was the dolt! Now, it’s switched!

DJ Mark: No, it’s not the Twilight series…the top three books are War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Ulysses by Homer and 1984. Hey! I have read all three of those!

To myself in my car: So Have I! Wait…I haven’t read War and Peace...I just lied to myself about reading a book! Maybe I was hoping to impress me?

Happy Tuesday -

Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday morning...

Happy Monday everyone!

I am sitting here on this beautiful Monday morning snacking on my pear (my favorite fruit) and reflecting on a nice relaxing weekend and the promise of a bright and happy future – filled with uncertainties, challenges, adventures, more pears! and a fun wine tasting party next weekend!

We enjoyed the most wonderful and out of the ordinary weekend. On Saturday we were both up before 7 o’clock (which is pretty bizarre) and off to run errands soon after. Later that morning we had the pleasure of a visitor. Kyle’s uncle was passing through Florida and was kind enough to include a visit with us in his journey. He arrived and we had a nice lunch and then we set off on an adventure to get the fixings for some strawberry shortcake to have after dinner.
We visited, opened a bottle of Zin and Alvin taught me how to play cribbage. I have played a million games since then and am so excited to have learned something new.
We had great discussion over dinner and Kyle and I served up a fun new recipe for Greek Pizza that we had enjoyed with his brother and fiancĂ© on our vacation (yes, yes…I promise soon there will be pictures and documentation!). Harley was very excited to have a visitor at the house and had soon captured Alvin’s heart. By the time he headed back to South Dakota on Sunday he was trying to take our little furry guy with him!

On Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed a few more cribbage matches and watched a couple movies. It was just a rejuvenating and calm weekend. Here’s to a similar week!

Friday, March 06, 2009

It's Fabulously Friday...

You know...if work ever really picks up around here I don't know when I'll have time to post!

I guess there isn't much need to worry about that now...

Well, kids it is Friday and I am so happy. This week has been a bit of a challenge but all is well and good and it is Friday! I brought in the holiday (sometimes Friday just seems that special!) with some Wii playing last night - we actually were having so much fun that we missed The Office which we will have to catch up on via the website now. It was worth it though - we really had a good time. I also drank a few glasses of wine..sooooo I really had fun playing the Wii!

I am pretty sure that I danced around the room when I kicked his butt at bowling...but, I might have done that either way.

We have such a good time together - there is really no one else I would rather spend time with. Love you honey!

Not much else to chat about so I will just wish you all a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!

And don't forget to adjust your clocks for daylight savings time!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A soapbox....

Do you have issues with people? Be honest. We ALL have issues with other people. Sometimes they are sporadic and they pop up in certain situations. Other times the issues grow from something small until they become astronomical. And there are even times that all of your issues are completely internal, unvented and just bursting to break free. Anyone follow?

Well, I am writing about this because I was recently had a nice long chat with a friend where I mentioned that sometimes there is so much that I want to say that I could just explode so I have to have a bit of a conversation with them in my head or maybe on my blog or just writing it out can make me feel better.

You know that old adage about writing the letter to someone so you get your feelings out but never mailing it? It’s like that. I don’t feel in most situations that my feelings will be helpful to the situation – I am not one to add fuel to the fire you might say. So when I am just itching to unload I just hold a bit of a battle on paper or silently thinking of all the things I would like to say.

So, what do I want to say? Well……

I think people need to think long and hard about themselves and how they treat people. Especially people who are older or have made different choices than you. People need to learn when to mind their own business, shut their mouth and let other people live their lives. The world doesn’t REVOLVE around them and frankly while I might not give a crap about what they think, someone else might be extremely affected by it. Their tone and involvement is ridiculous and someone really ought to put them in their place! And that person would be me…but frankly, I just cannot involve myself in the situation. I KNOW it’s not my place!!

ooooohhhh, although not exactly directed at the source...that felt good!

On another matter I think that is just about time that we stop stumbling around blaming our pasts for everything. Live for today people. So something sucked in your past – I can probably name 15 things that sucked more that would make you feel pretty damn lucky about “your past”. So, your parents got divorced, so you broke your leg, so you can’t hear out of your left ear, so you lost your wallet once, your high school boyfriend was a jerk – YES it happened! Now, let that make you stronger, learn from those mistakes and make your relationships and your life better because of it. Now, if you have cancer or you have AIDS, you are paralyzed, domestically abused, cheated on, are covered in burns, have a brain tumor, etc – I will sit by your side and comfort you till the sun goes down. Healthy? Live your life and enjoy every minute of it. I wouldn’t want to waste another minute of my life worrying about something I have no control over. Your past made you who you are. Did it make you irreversibly screwed up? Well, as my high school acting coach used to say, “Use it!”. Find your niche in this world and hold your head up.

Shall I keep going?

Are you confused about your life? Do you not know what you want? I have something to say to you. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT! You are only confused about making a decision that will make others think a certain way about you. Live YOUR life and don’t worry about what other people think – even if those people are your children, your best friend, your neighbor…whoever! Do what you know is best for you. And ignore those other opinions that come rolling in. They are just opinions – someone else spouting off so they can hear themselves talk. I know we all kinda hate Jason Mesnik (from ABC’s The Bachelor) because he did just that – but you know what? He is pretty smart when you think about it – he realized what he had to do to find happiness and he did it. Better than being miserable, I think. I guarantee that if you search you heart and ask yourself that question one more time – you will know exactly what to do. The point is asking just you. Screw what everyone else thinks for once because they are not living your life – you are.

The tension is leaving my body as we speak…
I keep a lot of unsaid things to myself and I think that because I do so I am a happier person, I don’t fill my life with drama and I don’t muddle around in other people’s affairs. I try to be a good friend to my friends and an ear to listen in hard times and joyful times. I live a little isolated life away from most of my family and I think that it is the best possible option for me. Drama isn’t healthy. And don’t worry – I don’t keep it bottled up or anything (my husband gets the brunt of the venting…but after the venting I can take a deep breath and be thankful that I know how to behave and how to handle things appropriately). I remove myself from situations and people that cause me problems known and unknown. That is a large contribution to my happiness.

Thanks for your listening ears today….
Have a great Thursday!

And don’t worry bloggers…I’m not venting about any of you

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Time for Change

Sometimes we are ready for change and sometimes we don't have a choice.
I think right now we are ready and yet at the same time...we don't have a choice.

I promise to blog about our vacation soon....a lot has been going on and I haven't uploaded my pics (soon I promise!)

I think the future for us is going to be an adventure! I am also sure we could covet a few prayers along the way!

I also promise to include more details later...now isn' t the time.