Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Settling in...

Well, it's Tuesday morning and I am sitting here at home watching my fave movie Juno and thinking about what I should blog about.

I got nothin.

Things are going really great here in the big K - Kyle really likes his job and I am continuing my search. We have been spending our time settling into our new home and discovering our new stomping ground. KC is a great place with tons to see and do and OH my gosh the shopping! Shopaholics should probably not live here!
We love the area and the people are so nice - seriously it makes you wonder sometimes about living somewhere outside the midwest. People are just different in other areas of the country even though we are hours from where either of us grew up there is something that feels like coming home.

So that is it for now. Life is good and we are more and more sure everyday that we made the right decision.

Happy Blogging all! I'm not sure how consistent my blogging will be in the near future - thanks for reading though.