Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween!!!!

I hope everyone has a fun holiday and eats lots of candy that they originally intended on handing out to kids. We decided this year to buy only candy that we love so if no one comes we can eat it all!!!

Trick or Treat!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A new week

Wow! It was Sunday night...blur blur..now it's already Wednesday. I can't believe how time flies sometimes. Anywhoo- Just thought I would blog for the sake of blogging. No news except that I am actually writing again. And it is really going great. I wish its all I did-

Have a fab week Bloggers!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Heather Jeanz

I'd like to take a moment to pitch a story idea - i have been attempting to get motivated
to begin writing once more - this time for a true normal length novel.
What it frustrating as a wannabe writer is reading other books. I love to read and while I read I
have this strong longing to write and yet at the same time I feel totally intimidated and not sure where to start and wondering if I could ever compare to these published writers out there. I have had encouragement for my writing in college and I also have two poems published with poetry.com but I still look at my blank page on Microsoft Word knowing what I want to say and wanting to write so badly but I just cannot find a beginning.
I love author's voices - actually I love everyone's voice when they write. I love Pam's emails and her blog comments because they are soooo Pam and Heather's blog is my favorite because it's this person that I know and love and used to spend like everyday with and yet when I'm reading it it is this amazing woman who is a mother and a wife and her voice is the same but different than I remember. So, this has gotten me thinking about a writer's voice and how that can make a book something you can't put down or something you lose underneath a thousand other books on your shelf.
So this has got me thinking about what is read worthy? Why do I buy a certain book? What intrigues
a reader?
What intrigues me? love, friendship, life lessons, comedy, irony, suspense, sometimes history...

So, I think I'm gonna call my story or novel "Heather Jeanz" and I haven't figured out why quite yet. But, the way I see it "Heather Jeans" has been something... not just our dear nickname for Mrs. Jeans herself but somewhat of a symbol or something of a freindship and I don't know I might just let my imagination take it from there- it could be a person - it could be an object (not some traveling pants..) or just an idea-

not sure-

i wonder how my friends and family would feel about being the basis of some characters in a novel - embellished of course and without the same names...
Well, I have written this blog over the last week and it being a new Monday I think its about time I pulish and move on to other topics -


your overdose of thought process and insanity

Thursday, October 05, 2006

As my good friend Ramsey always said, "What a time, What a time!!!"

"Weakness of character is the only defect which cannot be amended."
-some french guy

Well, I have some good/ great news to report. As you know I have had a lot
of back problems lately and those problems have been aggravated even more so
by the amount of time I sit and how I sit at work. I have been a huge chicken and afraid
to say something for a long time despite the pushing of my family and Kyle to step it up and
just tell my bosses that I am having trouble. This was extremely hard for me b/c first of all I am by far the youngest and newest at the firm, we all have the same chairs and we all sit at stool height. On the other hand - I have doctor diagnosed back problems that are costing me a fortune every month and I have begun working standing up at my desk with my mouse stacked up on two books and my screen tilted up.

Finally when I had all the bosses together I finally got up the nerve and just told them what I was going through. And of course it was no big deal at all and all they want is for me to be comfortable and happy. So I got to choose whether I wanted a platform for my feet and to stay at stool height, to have my desk lowered and get a new chair or have my desk raised so I could continue to stand. By the next day it was decided and the next day after that I got to go chair shopping and they bought me a wonderfully ergonomic and awesome chair and they are fixing my desk asap!

All it took was working up some courage and being a little brave. And that is what my quote at the top was about. Sometimes in my workplace I tend to be a meek little mouse. They are all older and wiser - they are like the godfathers of architecture and I am..well, Suzy D. Design with a fresh college degree and a hatred for cool colors and a I wanna design the world attitude. But, I am bad at standing up for myself and my opinions - this was never a problem before. And they tell me time and time again to do so and still meek little me..quite as a mouse picking out my finishes and wanting their approval and respect.

So, I am empowered by my small amount of courage and I hope to really start showing them what I am made of! ---Make that chair RED and paint that wall AUBERGINE!! Move that chair, it hurts my eyes! Haven't you guys heard of Feng Shui???? --- and as the King of Siam would say "etc, etc, etc.....

so that it that and it is thursday and I am hard at work - i.e. typing my blog to look busy while I wait for my next design solution!

peace out u crazy cats-


p.s. (my family and co-workers loved this so I thought I should share with my friends) I was at my pain management specialist last week for the first time and unexpecting that it was anything more than a consultation - I had not mentally prepared myself for having shots put into my back - and so your dear dear friend fainted at the doctors office (very embarassingly because I have co-workers who go to him too and he seems to remember me when they go in and ask about the girl with long blond hair who fainted). So yes, like I have always said - I don't do shots - I do fainting though.
I thought you might enjoy that - especially Heath who knows all about embarassing fainting incidents- wink wink Mizz Jeans!