Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Heather Jeanz

I'd like to take a moment to pitch a story idea - i have been attempting to get motivated
to begin writing once more - this time for a true normal length novel.
What it frustrating as a wannabe writer is reading other books. I love to read and while I read I
have this strong longing to write and yet at the same time I feel totally intimidated and not sure where to start and wondering if I could ever compare to these published writers out there. I have had encouragement for my writing in college and I also have two poems published with poetry.com but I still look at my blank page on Microsoft Word knowing what I want to say and wanting to write so badly but I just cannot find a beginning.
I love author's voices - actually I love everyone's voice when they write. I love Pam's emails and her blog comments because they are soooo Pam and Heather's blog is my favorite because it's this person that I know and love and used to spend like everyday with and yet when I'm reading it it is this amazing woman who is a mother and a wife and her voice is the same but different than I remember. So, this has gotten me thinking about a writer's voice and how that can make a book something you can't put down or something you lose underneath a thousand other books on your shelf.
So this has got me thinking about what is read worthy? Why do I buy a certain book? What intrigues
a reader?
What intrigues me? love, friendship, life lessons, comedy, irony, suspense, sometimes history...

So, I think I'm gonna call my story or novel "Heather Jeanz" and I haven't figured out why quite yet. But, the way I see it "Heather Jeans" has been something... not just our dear nickname for Mrs. Jeans herself but somewhat of a symbol or something of a freindship and I don't know I might just let my imagination take it from there- it could be a person - it could be an object (not some traveling pants..) or just an idea-

not sure-

i wonder how my friends and family would feel about being the basis of some characters in a novel - embellished of course and without the same names...
Well, I have written this blog over the last week and it being a new Monday I think its about time I pulish and move on to other topics -


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