Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life goes on...

Are you ever shocked that the world goes on despite your own personal disasters?
I mean, your world is totally flipped on its head and yet everything else just keeps trucking along as usual while you stand there staring in wonder. I’m not talking about being self absorbed and thinking the world revolves around you – just how something in us expects the world to acknowledge our traumatic event or something. It’s like when you get in a car accident and once the cars are hauled off and the glass is swept up, the traffic returns back to normal and no one even knows it happened – while you are still laying in a hospital bed trying to figure out how this might have changed your life forever.
Now as we are dealing with living on one income and making decisions for our life (as soooo many people are doing around the country) we feel like no one knows – like we are just on this lone island together trying to plan a way to escape. Family might call and check and the occasional friend might shoot an email but the world doesn’t really give a flip. When it is your whole wide world that is confusing and scary and just a big blank unknown – it’s hard to accept that the days are supposed to keep going on like they always have. When the world is upside down – you just want it all to feel that way – not be stuck in some semblance of normalcy because all that does is confuse you. Are we supposed to be nervous and anxious or relaxed, calm and sure that everything will be fine?

I’ve got to tell you – it has really been one adventure after another since the day I walked across that stage and got my diploma. A whirlwind of events; and while we are as always geared up for the next phase of our adventure, there is this thing inside that just wonders why? Why do we all have such different lives, plans, goals, dreams and fate?

Well, it’s Tuesday…have a good week!

P.S. pictures from our weekend adventure tomorrow!