Friday, March 20, 2009

Staying upbeat.

This is our third week of the “what are we going to do with our lives” blues. We are trying our best to stay upbeat and focused on being patient but, dang it! that is so hard to do. It’s like we sit around avoiding the topic because we are afraid to put to much hope into one idea or another by chatting excitedly about it. So we are just rolling along and trying to keep our spirits up and live life one day at a time.
So, yesterday I suggested to Kyle that we go do something fun this weekend. It has to be super cheap and it HAS TO GET US OUT OF THE HOUSE so we can take in some delightfully hot springy Florida weather. So here is hoping we have a relaxing and fun weekend that continues to distract us from the realities of our current state of internal chaos. Cheers to that!

And I will try to take some pics of whatever we do to share with you -

Have a great Friday!