Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reasons to just listen to a CD...

So, I am driving to work this morning listening to my favorite little radio station. Yeah, the DJ’s are corny but the music is good – a mix of 80’s 90’s and some current hits thrown in. So a segment comes on and this is what happens…

DJ Mark: So, here is an interesting fact for you: Did you know that 2 out of every 3 people has lied about a reading a book?

DJ Lisa: Well, that’s understandable – I’m sure a lot of people do that!

DJ Mark: Ummmm..Why would someone lie about reading a book?

DJ Lisa: Well, probably in a situation where they felt like if they said they had read a certain book they would fit into a conversation or something. Or they might lie about reading a certain book as a measure to impress others.

DJ Mark: So, they might do it to impress someone or to fit in? Hmmm….well, here are the top three books that people lie about having read….

DJ Lisa (interrupting): Is it the Twilight series? I am always impressed when I hear someone has read that!

Hold on Hold on……WHAT? Sorry, Twilight lovers – I liked it just as much as the next person but WHAT? Why would someone lie about reading that and what about reading it is impressive to DJ Lisa? Because it’s long? Because it’s about vampires? WHAT? This irritated me to the core! While it might be a great GREAT story it is not a piece of classical literature that people would lie about reading in order to fit in or impress people! Who is this lady? Throughout the first half of the dialogue I thought the guy was the dolt! Now, it’s switched!

DJ Mark: No, it’s not the Twilight series…the top three books are War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Ulysses by Homer and 1984. Hey! I have read all three of those!

To myself in my car: So Have I! Wait…I haven’t read War and Peace...I just lied to myself about reading a book! Maybe I was hoping to impress me?

Happy Tuesday -