Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why do we blog?

Lately I have been thinking about why I blog – you know, like what is my purpose and what am I trying to do or who am I trying to speak to? I have always looked at my blog as a sort of online journal – a place where I can write anything I want or anything I am feeling and maybe, just maybe that information is interesting to other people out in the blogging community. I used to write in a journal and I think while I wrote things in a private format that I would NEVER write in my blog there were other times that I kind of wanted to share it and for me that is what I want my blog to be – my online journal of my life in good times and bad.

So, what ISN’T my blog? My blog is not my way of letting everyone know how I am doing, it is not directed at others and it is not my way of keeping you up to date on my situations. I had a phone call yesterday in response to something that someone read on my blog. They had concern and I am grateful for their concern. But I don’t want to talk about my blog and what I wrote unless IT IS ON MY BLOG. That is what comments are for. They let you know what someone thought of what you said, they listed their concerns or thoughts, opinions, comedy whatever about what that post said and you are able to comment back and maybe even strike up an online dialogue about it. Bloggers LURVE them some comments people! It makes us feel like someone out there is reading what we wrote and maybe, just maybe it was interesting. Now, you might not comment on every post you read that is understandable – but in general if it is something you read on a regular basis then you should comment and let that blogger know! When you have two comments on a post - you think you have two readers. And I would rather have two readers than none but, if you are reading let me know!

If you are not a blogger you should still comment anonymously and add your name otherwise I (the author of my blog) start to get nervous that people are just reading my thoughts and ideas and little snippets but don’t have anything to say. If you don’t have anything to say – then don’t read. I know that sounds mean, but I feel like I am putting myself out there and I don’t know who is reading and I feel vulnerable.

I am not just here to complain or gripe at anyone – I am just making a plea that my readers let me know! I am considering making my blog private so that I have even more license to speak my mind and if I have 5 readers then that makes total sense (I can just allow those 5 people to access my blog) but if I have more then maybe I will keep it public.
I blog for me, but I love that other people are interested.
I wouldn’t mail you letters torn out of my journal, I can keep up with my loved one’s more personally via email if need be. I’ve been blogging for 3 and a half years now and I think maybe it’s time to go private or maybe just start fresh.

Alright all you lurkers and blog stalkers! I am declaring this the OFFICIAL Reflections of Moi DE-LURKING DAY!!!