Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday morning...

Happy Monday everyone!

I am sitting here on this beautiful Monday morning snacking on my pear (my favorite fruit) and reflecting on a nice relaxing weekend and the promise of a bright and happy future – filled with uncertainties, challenges, adventures, more pears! and a fun wine tasting party next weekend!

We enjoyed the most wonderful and out of the ordinary weekend. On Saturday we were both up before 7 o’clock (which is pretty bizarre) and off to run errands soon after. Later that morning we had the pleasure of a visitor. Kyle’s uncle was passing through Florida and was kind enough to include a visit with us in his journey. He arrived and we had a nice lunch and then we set off on an adventure to get the fixings for some strawberry shortcake to have after dinner.
We visited, opened a bottle of Zin and Alvin taught me how to play cribbage. I have played a million games since then and am so excited to have learned something new.
We had great discussion over dinner and Kyle and I served up a fun new recipe for Greek Pizza that we had enjoyed with his brother and fiancĂ© on our vacation (yes, yes…I promise soon there will be pictures and documentation!). Harley was very excited to have a visitor at the house and had soon captured Alvin’s heart. By the time he headed back to South Dakota on Sunday he was trying to take our little furry guy with him!

On Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed a few more cribbage matches and watched a couple movies. It was just a rejuvenating and calm weekend. Here’s to a similar week!