Thursday, March 05, 2009

A soapbox....

Do you have issues with people? Be honest. We ALL have issues with other people. Sometimes they are sporadic and they pop up in certain situations. Other times the issues grow from something small until they become astronomical. And there are even times that all of your issues are completely internal, unvented and just bursting to break free. Anyone follow?

Well, I am writing about this because I was recently had a nice long chat with a friend where I mentioned that sometimes there is so much that I want to say that I could just explode so I have to have a bit of a conversation with them in my head or maybe on my blog or just writing it out can make me feel better.

You know that old adage about writing the letter to someone so you get your feelings out but never mailing it? It’s like that. I don’t feel in most situations that my feelings will be helpful to the situation – I am not one to add fuel to the fire you might say. So when I am just itching to unload I just hold a bit of a battle on paper or silently thinking of all the things I would like to say.

So, what do I want to say? Well……

I think people need to think long and hard about themselves and how they treat people. Especially people who are older or have made different choices than you. People need to learn when to mind their own business, shut their mouth and let other people live their lives. The world doesn’t REVOLVE around them and frankly while I might not give a crap about what they think, someone else might be extremely affected by it. Their tone and involvement is ridiculous and someone really ought to put them in their place! And that person would be me…but frankly, I just cannot involve myself in the situation. I KNOW it’s not my place!!

ooooohhhh, although not exactly directed at the source...that felt good!

On another matter I think that is just about time that we stop stumbling around blaming our pasts for everything. Live for today people. So something sucked in your past – I can probably name 15 things that sucked more that would make you feel pretty damn lucky about “your past”. So, your parents got divorced, so you broke your leg, so you can’t hear out of your left ear, so you lost your wallet once, your high school boyfriend was a jerk – YES it happened! Now, let that make you stronger, learn from those mistakes and make your relationships and your life better because of it. Now, if you have cancer or you have AIDS, you are paralyzed, domestically abused, cheated on, are covered in burns, have a brain tumor, etc – I will sit by your side and comfort you till the sun goes down. Healthy? Live your life and enjoy every minute of it. I wouldn’t want to waste another minute of my life worrying about something I have no control over. Your past made you who you are. Did it make you irreversibly screwed up? Well, as my high school acting coach used to say, “Use it!”. Find your niche in this world and hold your head up.

Shall I keep going?

Are you confused about your life? Do you not know what you want? I have something to say to you. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT! You are only confused about making a decision that will make others think a certain way about you. Live YOUR life and don’t worry about what other people think – even if those people are your children, your best friend, your neighbor…whoever! Do what you know is best for you. And ignore those other opinions that come rolling in. They are just opinions – someone else spouting off so they can hear themselves talk. I know we all kinda hate Jason Mesnik (from ABC’s The Bachelor) because he did just that – but you know what? He is pretty smart when you think about it – he realized what he had to do to find happiness and he did it. Better than being miserable, I think. I guarantee that if you search you heart and ask yourself that question one more time – you will know exactly what to do. The point is asking just you. Screw what everyone else thinks for once because they are not living your life – you are.

The tension is leaving my body as we speak…
I keep a lot of unsaid things to myself and I think that because I do so I am a happier person, I don’t fill my life with drama and I don’t muddle around in other people’s affairs. I try to be a good friend to my friends and an ear to listen in hard times and joyful times. I live a little isolated life away from most of my family and I think that it is the best possible option for me. Drama isn’t healthy. And don’t worry – I don’t keep it bottled up or anything (my husband gets the brunt of the venting…but after the venting I can take a deep breath and be thankful that I know how to behave and how to handle things appropriately). I remove myself from situations and people that cause me problems known and unknown. That is a large contribution to my happiness.

Thanks for your listening ears today….
Have a great Thursday!

And don’t worry bloggers…I’m not venting about any of you