Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fishing again...

We had so much fun fishing together the weekend before last that we just

had to go again! And this time we brought friends -

It was crazy windy this weekend and that made the fishing a bit of a challenge. Most of the time we felt like we were going to be blown away ourselves! We had to tie down our chairs and anchor everything as the wind was so strong.

It didn't stop us though- from having a blast and from catching fish!
I won the day by catching 3 fish that I am told were Spanish Mackerel.

I WAS wearing a hat but the wind was so crazy I ended up just sporting the windblown look-

Here I am with my first catch of the day - I named him Ed.

Here we are attempting to all get in a photo - we made it!

We headed home when we couldn't take the wind anymore - we were a little sunburnt and a lot windburnt(?). We had a great time and are definitely planning another fishing day minus the wind!

After we recouped from our fishing adventure, we got a surprise call from some family from Northern Florida who were in Tampa for a mini vacation. We headed out to have dinner with them and them and afterwards we all went to play some mini-golf together. We had a lot of fun and everyone got a hole in one at one hole or another which made for some great memories!

Here is a pic of Kyle with his family after the game!