Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Art of doing nothing very little

As we all know – the economy is in a major slump – this affects a lot of people, A LOT of people and I count myself among the affected. It used to just be the news and now it is our life with Kyle at home due to layoffs at his company and my work ever slowing and worrisome.
So as I am also in the construction biz you might have guessed that our work is minimal. Did you? Well, you are correct. This is a slow time – my company has already made several layoffs and has said that they are down to the “core” group and they hope to retain us all through the recession – but no promises can be made. So….we often have very little to do around here. There is more conversation happening and more lay time than ever before. I have been in this state for about 6 months. Some days I am busy and then I will have a 4 day shot of nothing. 8 hours a day with no work. So, we have a meeting and they tell us to try as much as possible to stay busy – spend time learning more about the software, read some journals, research some products, clean your desk out, help around the office…you get the general idea. The issue they are skirting around here is Don’t just play on the internet all day. But, frankly people, after 6 months – I have the software down, I have designed my dream home twice, I have read every back issue of Interior Design magazine that I have (4 years worth), I have researched products till I am blue in the face and my desk is so freaking clean and organized I can barely find anything. So what am I to do? Seriously? If a project or small task comes up I do it immediately with no question – no matter what it is. But, I have a real hard time faking working - I have resorted to reading text books. TEXTBOOKS people! So I am praying that they will excuse me when I take a 15 minute break from Professional Practices of Interior Design Chapter 57 to jot down a quick blog and snoop some new linen on Overstock. I am trying my best here! And to be honest…no one has said anything – I just feel it. I feel that layoff meeting looming in my future. At least my desk will be organized when I leave and I will easily be able to stuff my belongings in the cardboard box of recession….