Monday, July 30, 2007

The BIG Debate: The Test: TO take or NOT to take?

Well, friends.....after a delightful weekend of design and then more design I am feeling totally refreshed in my career choice and completely terrified about my licensing exam in September. The workshop this weekend was amazing and sooo helpful, but it did bring about a lot of worry as far as whether or not I am ready to take it or not. So I have to decide in the next few days what I am going to do. Yesterday I was going to defer until April but, today I am thinking I might just study like crazy the next 2 months and then take it all and prepare to cringe for the results.

Who knows....I could totally miserably fail or I could pass with flying colors! Who knows what will happen- I just need to decide what to do. There is no shame in failing....just expense. I went to this workshop with several people who had taken it 2, 3 or even 4 times! It is a gigantic undertaking and basically the thing you have to achieve to go further in this profession/ just like an architect we designers need that certified license that says we know what we are doing.

I'm not quite sure if I do. YIKES!

Otherwise, I really enjoyed the workshop and I have some big decisions to make so please please put me in your prayers!

Lots of love and a happy happy Monday afternoon to all!

-A Defunktified Leslie