Thursday, June 22, 2006

Woe is me

So, Kyle is going to Austin this weekend to a friend's wedding that he is in and I am stickin' around this joint. My weekend plans include-laying by the pool, working out, and doing some hard core shopping for a new swim suit. And after the shopping thing I will probably have to eat a carton of ice cream and then go back to the gym to make myself feel better after trying on tons of unflattering bathing suits. As I said...woe is me. So, I guess I am excited about the veg time but sad that I will be only the lonely all weekend. Except for tonight because after I take Kyle to the airport I am going to eat dinner with the lifegroup crowd-actually I might try to dig up some shopping buddies there-
Anywhoo- that is what is up and down in my little world today. Clearly I am at work right now and working extremely hard... Right now we are in a real slow period, where every job is out and in construction and the new jobs are still in schematics so we are kinda sitting around lately. But thanks to that I got to create a blog for the book club and actually write in my blog and I have learned all sorts of new things about blogs. Does it sound as boring to you as me? just kiddin'- although I do like to have no responsiblities and sit around on my duff- at work I like to feel busy and useful if at all possible.

well, it's thursday..if it were five years ago I'd have FRIENDS and WILL & GRACE to look forward to. What is the world of television coming to?