Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

In ancient blogging tradition, it is now time once again to participate in the much acclaimed and whispered about Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesday in which we (bloggers) share our deepest darkest and humiliating ancedotes and adventures....
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Today's Awkward moment comes to you from my adolescent years. I just thought of it this morning because I remember being really embarrassed but I was completely the cause...
This is really ridiculous but honestly, a very awkward moment of my life.
I grew up going to a very small church - as in - we all would have filled the first 4 rows if we hadn't been Baptists (meaning some people were in the back row, others sat in the same row every week as if their family crest was emblazoned on the pew and some were front row Joe "Amen" and "MmmHmmm" kinda people). So basically everyone knew everyone and grew up together. I explain this so you will kind of get the setting here. So, one day after church for no reason at all I had brought my Mom's old cheer leading uniform to show some of my friends. I have no idea why I did this, how I got it there without someone asking me about it or why I even had it. My parents were divorced and I think my Mom had let me keep her uniform in my closet or something and I guess my friend and I were obsessed with cheer leading although neither of us were ever cheerleaders. We played with my Mom's pom poms and made up cheers all the time. So I take this 1970's polyester cheer leading uniform to church to show my friend and at some point I decide I am going to wear it. I am guessing I was about 10 at the time. Now, my Mom was tiny in high school - little itty bitty and I have always been kind of chubby - so at 10 this uniform actually fit me if not was just a bit snug. Oh, did I mention that it was winter and it was the Midwest? So, here I come in my Mom's polyester cheer leading uniform out of the church bathroom to go parade (I guess) and pretend to be a cheerleader outside for all the world to see. Did I mention I went to a conservative traditional Baptist church? I mean like the kind of church that Angela on The Office went to. Ankle length skirts on Sunday and no revealing anything. Yeah, so the kind of snug, pretty darn revealing (in the dead of winter) cheer leading costume just did not fly when one of the ladies from the church sees me and yells my full name and asks me what in the world I thought I was doing? Now I like to think that she was laughing hysterically inside and was just yelling to be a good parent and because I was probably going to catch pneumonia in my short little skirt, without hose (the horror!). Well, this was my awkward moment - you see, I was a sensitive and rather cautious child who was pretty eager to please. You just had to look at me with disappointment and I would burst into tears! So I started bawling because (I mean really..what was I doing? It was freakin' cold! and it was at church!). I still remember how humiliated I was. I am telling you..really overly sensitive. I am 25 and I am still thinking, Little Moi? What made you bring that to church and put it on your pudgy little body? "No clue, older and wiser Moi."

Happy Awkwardness!