Friday, February 06, 2009

A little fun on friday...

Hairdizzer over at This is How I Choose to Remember It
had a fun game on her blog and I asked if I could play . . . I got the letter "T".

Rules: If you want to play, leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on....

So, here are my ten favorite things that begin with the letter "T":

1. Theatre. I was very involved in Theatre when I was growing up and even started out my college career as a Theatre major. I loved performing and being involved with anything that was happening on stage. I loved hanging out in the Green Room before a performance and I loved the different characters and personalities of everyone. It was a great time in my life that is chock full of fabulous memories. I still love to go to plays and performances - I get a knot of excitement in my stomach for the actors. I hope to get to see a Broadway play on our trip to New York this fall!

2. Thanksgiving. This is by far my favorite holiday. I like how there is not all the stress that can come with Christmas and gift giving and party going - it is one day with lots of food and family. I love the parade and the cooking and fun. My family plays football and cards afterwards and it is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. But...I don't really like turkey.

3. Theme Parties. I have not been to a lot of these outside of college but I think a theme party is a blast. Whether it is an 80's theme, a toga party or a pirate themed gathering - I am all in! I love to dress up and be creative and it is so great to go and see what everyone else does. I love the decoration and planning as well. Maybe I was meant to be a party planner!

4. Tacos. I like soft tacos generally but I like the hard ones as well. From a fast food restaurant or at home. I love em'!

5. Thursday night TV. The Office, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Me. Couch. TV. Happy.

6. Tiffany's. I think I just love the cute blue I'm pretty sure it's the gianty diamonds. There is just something great about Tiffany's. I have been to them in random malls and then in Manhattan (my cousin Tiffanie and I went there once and we wanted so badly to go and eat breakfast outside like Audrey Hepburn).

7. Totally Awkward Tuesdays. I love playing along for Tova's Awkward Tuesdays - I sit around trying to remember awkward moments in my life that I previously tried to block out.

8. Tea. I love hot tea. I am not a big fan of iced tea or what these Floridian's call Sweet Tea. I like flavored herbal teas. I try to have a cup a day for the antioxidants and the relaxing effect. It is really a calming agent for me - I love to drink this one called "Bedtime Story" in the evenings and then curl up in bed.

9. Theme Parks. I love a good theme park. Spending 15 dollars for a hot dog and lots of souveniers that I will never want to display in my house or wear outside of that day at that park. I love rollercoasters and pretty much any ride. I love the Disney theme parks and all of the cool restaurants and shops.

10. TiVO. I don't actually have TiVO - I have a DVR but I call it TiVO and it really is one of my favorite things! I can record lots of things that I want to watch but dont have time to - then on the weekends I have a bunch of shows I can catch up on! So much fun! Cheers to the inventor of TiVO!!

That was fun! Leave me a comment letting me know if you want to play along and then I will assign you a letter! Have a great weekend!