Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my husband's birthday!

He shares his special day with Abraham Lincoln.

So, Happy Birthday to you too Abe.
In honor of the fabulous guy (my husband, not Abe...not that he wasn't good too, just that I don't sleep next to him every night.) I am listing 26 things that I love about him. Here we go!

1. I love his smile.

2. I love how funny he is in the morning while I am still a grouch.

3. I love how sincere his is.

4. I love how he always takes the high road and doesn't let the actions of others bring him down.

5. I love the way he loves me.

6. I love how passionate he is about things he loves.

7. I love how caring and devoted he is to his friends and family.

8. I love that he doesn't put up with crap from other people.

9. I love how good a friend he is.

10. I love how honest he is.

11. I love his heart.

12. I love his laugh.

13. I love how much he loves our little puppy Harley

14. I love how great he looks in a suit!

15. I love how he seems to 'get me' and even when he doesn't he loves me anyway!

16. I love that he loves sports.

17. I love that he was a firefighter and how he still is excited when he sees a firetruck.

18. I love how he tries not to eat chocolate because I'm allergic.

19. I love being with him more than anyone else in the world.

20. I love that he is my best friend.

21. I love how he is always there for me.

22. I love his goofy side

23. I love his mathematical and serious side (most of the time.)

24. I love how much he loves Oklahoma State (our alma mater!)

25. I love our life together.

26. I love this Man!! And I love that he reads my blog.

Happy Birthday Babe!