Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday?

I am feeling a wee bit thoughtful today. Our office is gearing up to say goodbye to one of our principal architects who after 20+ years is retiring. We are going out to lunch and having a party this evening. It's sad to see him go - we will definitely miss him around the office.
It's got me thinking about how people spend their lives. Some stay in one place, some move around a lot while others make a few important moves and then settle down. While some people have never left the state they were born in - others cross the country regularly for business and vacation reasons. There are so many different lives out there to live - how do we decide which ours shall be? I hate to think that choices we make impact us forever. Like marrying one person means you will never be able to live here or there or because you didn't go to college surely you will always live near home. I know it all depends on the person and on their dreams and desires - we all want different things. But, once the thought popped into my head today I started thinking, "What do I want?"
There are a million possibilites out there for each person. But things don't always happen for you without action - you have to decide What do I want? So, when you get out there you know what you are looking for.

So, what do you want?