Tuesday, January 06, 2009

TOTALLY awkward Tusday

Okay, I might have to start stock piling Totally Awkward Tuesday posts. So far I have thought of my next post immediately after reading everyone else's. So here I am on Wednesday plotting out my post for next week! This one came to me after Tova mentioned her three roommates and how one of them never really fit in perfect with the others.

Here's my awkward moment:
I started out my freshman year of college with my best friend as my roomie. After the first semester she ended up having to take the spring semester off so, I was stuck living solo. During this time I had switched from Theatre to Interior Design and thus met some fabulous new people. One gal in particular and I were very close and started plotting to live together the next year. Another girl at our table who somehow became a part of our gang got in on the plan as well. My best friend was planning on coming back so we had a perfect group of four to stay in one of the on campus suites. My best friend and I took one side (2 rooms on each side with a shared living room and kitchen) and my my new really good friend and the other gal took the other since they knew each other well. My friend (for goodness sakes let's give them names so I can stop typing out my friend..this and that..), lets call her Anita (best friend) instantly hit it off with Beatrice (yes apparently we are from the 50's!) who I had gotten very close to so we all formed a pretty good group in the suite. The other girl, we will call her Patsy had a very steady boyfriend of several years while we were all single so she did a lot of things with him and tended to be too busy to do too much with the three of us. Thus she kind of excluded herself from our little fun group. Throughout the year we had a few tiffs with her and there was some tension at times when her stress level seemed to be through the roof and we were ummm...not stressed at all and just enjoying ourselves. You know, typical college like activity. We were sophomores and she was a second year junior or something. She took everything really seriously while we had peach smoothie fights in the elevator, took kick boxing because of the hottie hot instuctor and went on Zima walks (thats a whole other blog..hee hee). But, the most important thing to mention here is that we did not dislike her and we were all cordial to each other - there were no big fights or any reason at all for hatred or revenge of any kind. I say this because once I FINALLY tell you the awkward moment I just know you won' t believe me.

Here is what happened....
One night at about 3:00 am the fire alarms went off in our building. It was a crazy loud bell and a flashing strobe light in EVERY SINGLE ROOM in our suite. Naturally, it didn' t wake me as I sleep the sleep of the dead. Thankfully however, it did wake up Anita who was in the next room who went into the living room and ran into Beatrice. They put on their shoes and coats to drag themselves outside and both came into my room to wake me up. I woke up to flashing lights and them both in my room and the awful bell going off. They tossed me my shoes and out the door we went to file down the stairs and out of the building. Outside we huddled together in the freezing cold (I didn't live in FL at the time) with everyone else and waited to find out if it was a prank or a real fire. After about 15 minutes one of us suddenly completely woke up or something and realized that there were three of us standing there and not four. Meaning? We had left Patsy to burn. We stared at each other. How could we have forgotten her? We just left her there to die (of course, it was a small kitchen smoke alarm or something that had caused the uproar when someone was baking something and there was no real danger). But the point was that if it had been bad - we were all downstairs and safe and we had no idea if she was okay or not. We were horrified.
And then....
She came out the door. We breathed a sigh of relief as she walked over to us. So thankful that she was okay and so sorry that we had forgotten. We made up something about how we thought she was at her boyfriend's etc, but... let's just say that the damage was already done.
We had forgotten her. In a possible fire. Ummmm, awkward. I was touched that both Anita and Beatrice came to save me! I was clearly still too delirous with sleep to save Patsy...right?
Are you horrified?
Well, let's just say that once the horror faded away and the damage to the friendship sunk in down dark and deep...we started to find it sadly hilarious and we made a great renactment on video of the whole scenario. Except in it we go back through the flames to save our pet rat...(no, we didn't have a pet rat...that just made the video more funny). If I ever get computer savvy I will put it on youtube for your viewing pleasure (but don't hold your breath or anything).