Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesdays

As has become ritual around here...the fabulous and famous Tova's Totally Awkard Tuesdays:

This happened to me a while ago at work and I was really embarassed. There is one guy in our office who likes to joke around with everyone and stop by your desk with little comments and such. He always comments of my most recent desktop background (which I change often) and jokes about how everything matched at my desk and how it is all coordinated...it wasn't on purpose I swear! Well, this is probably one of my most favorite people in the office because he is fun and jokes around. However, of the 16 people that work here - no one can get in a more foul mood than he. Yikes. So, one day I am talking to him at his desk and he wasn't in one of the fun and happy moods (I did not realize this) and just kidding around......which is totally typical..I say, "Gosh So-in-So, how do you ever find anything on your desk! (chuckle chuckle)". To which he just looks at me and says, "Well, I am very busy." in a really straight tone. I blush completely red and start making up the rest of the conversation with things like, "Yeah you should see my desk - it's a pit", "I mean, we all have our own system..I bet you know exactly where everything is....I'm the same way (BTW: I am so not that way)". He just kind of sat there and stared at me while I dug a bigger hole for myself. Awkward.
So the awkwardness and the redness continued until I escaped back to my desk mortified. I mean this person is older than my Dad! But he jokes with me daily with stuff just like that! So to sum it up - he didn't talk to me for like a month! Talk about dishing it but not being able to take it! I tread lightly now and never joke back...