Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Compliments and ants invading my desk

Yesterday morning when I got to work there was an ant on my desk. Soon the colony followed and they were all over the place. I keep smooshing them with post-its. We have to get the bug guy in here to spray and everything because they are driving me crazy. I don't do bugs you guys...
So my six legged friends and I have been waging war. The post-it note and I have savagely murdered about twenty of them this morning. I cleaned my whole desk in case there was some hidden something that was attracting them but to no avail. I fear they will soon take over and defeat me. I expect by lunch they will be caring my office supplies off my desk..there goes the stapler...

On a lighter note (you know, one that doesn't include execution by post-it), I was surprised yesterday to find that my darling husband had sent me some "Just Because" roses at work. I was so touched. They are beautiful and multi-color which I love. I just had to give my love a little shout out there! Love you honey!

Today (inbetweenst ant squishings) I was thinking about compliments. I am always so grateful for compliments as they can really give you that little extra umph! in the day that makes you feel good about yourself. Especially when you are not expecting them at all. The other day I got a typical, "What a cute shirt!" comment from a lady I work with - that really made my morning! I felt cute!
Another time the same lady mentioned how nice my hair looked curled. I had to go look in the mirror! What a nice thing to say - I thought. Whenever someone compliments me I feel the immediate urge to compliment back, but I try not to so they don't think I am only saying it because they said something to me. I try to make and effort to say something nice to them soon.
Some people are so good at compliments, they are just sweet and caring people and they share that with the people they know and interact with. I think I struggle with complimenting - I need to pay a little more attention to others and make sure that I am giving them good feedback too!
But, I only want to give honest compliments- don't you hate those that just don't seem right. Like when a salesperson compliments you and in the back of your mind you are just wondering..."Hmmmm..I wonder if they meant that or if they just want me to buy their product?". The cynic in me says, "Yes dummy, they just want your business!" but I guess they could have meant it. I had two sales reps come in the office yesterday and upon walking up to the front to meet them one immediately said, "Oh my goodness I love your top! It looks really great on you.". I don't want to by pessimistic here but that just felt like a little too much. But, she struck again. When I handed them my business cards with my maiden name scratched out (Yes, the business card ordering process is kinda slow) the same lady said, "Oh my gosh! Congratulations! What a beauuuutiful ring!". Very nice, very complimentary.....But, I have my doubts! I mean just want me to specify your carpet in my projects, you don't give a darn about my sweater!

What's the best compliment you've ever had?