Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesdays

I know I know...you are thinking that the only day I post is on Tuesday! I have been really neglecting my blog! But I HAVE to play along on Tuesdays!

Here is my moment for this week (as always, see Tova for the rules so you can play along or to check out other totally awkward people):

This is a funny moment between my husband and I when we were just dating. We had been together a few months and we were hanging out in my room one day and I had decided to read him a few of my poems (yes! I know..how geeky? But I took writing classes and loved to write poetry so I wanted to share that with him). So I picked up this book that was also my journal and a few pictures fell out. And....they were of past boyfriends. This wouldn't have been a big deal except that Kyle picks up the photo and says, "Why do you have a picture of Jim*?". To which I in horror (muttering to myself - please don't know him please don't know him..) say, "Ummm...I dated him for a while a couple years ago." I then turn to my husband (then boyfriend) and I see the look on his face. Yeah. I am pretty sure that he knew the guy in the picture. I am also pretty sure that the guy in the picture was his little brother in their fraternity.
I am also pretty sure that the next time we went to a basketball game - the same guy from that photo who I dated who was my boyfriend's little frat brother sat behind us. And yeah.....
Can you say Awkward?????