Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy with a project...

Well, I don't know about you all but I am a Type A kind gal. I can't help it! I am organized and structured and yes! I label things! This also means that when I am working on something I can get a little bit obsessed. I have been so excited about getting this blog going with my new goals to just write how I feel..and I have had 3,000 topics float through my brain but I just cannot get focused until I get this other project out of my hair!

So, hold out friends! I have so much to drone on and on about..please due stay tuned to my ramble!

In other news...
Kyle and I started our Detox on Monday. We did the same one about two and a half years ago and it really jump started a healthier time for us (that was until we slipped off the path thus placing us in the reality we are in now!). So we have this book with the directions and motivation and we got started on it on Monday. So basically last weekend was a free-for-all of foods we enjoy sense we won't be eating them for a long long time. We are looking at this like a health life change and not a diet. We want to make major changes in our life style (how we eat and exercise) so this is for good! But the Detox is for 4 weeks and then we will get on an regular and less strenuous plan. The good thing about the Detox is that we aren't starving...we are just eating different things. A lot of fruit and vegetables! I will keep you up to date on our progress.
But, so far this is the third day and we are both doing really well - I am off to eat my fruit!

Have a happy and fabulous Wednesday!!!!!