Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Totally Awkward Tuesday

Well, it is week 2 of Totally Awkward Tuesday and I hope I am not the only one playing along today. For the details about the fabulous meme check out Tova Darling's blog. Check her blog for other participants too!

In case you missed the first entry last week, here is my totally awkward share all from last week.

My next totally awkward moment came to me just yesterday when my Mom and I were recalling some past hilarious moments of my life. Let's set the stage shall we?

Junior year in college. My two friends and I rented a house a few blocks from campus. It was about a hundred years old and was basically painted the colors of the apartment on the show Friends. We fell in love with it. But in with the love came the realities of an old old house. For one it was a block from The Strip (the bar scene in the college town) so frequently on weekend evenings you might here some drunken panderings from outside (this was mostly enjoyable and funny for us underagers inside the house). There was a scary small window that creeped me out endlessly. There were uneven doorways that my roommate scared me with after watching Signs with Mel Gibson. She could mimic that clicking sound and I was horrified. And there was a rare and unique flying hoping species of bug that was a hybrid of a grasshopper, cockroach, daddy long leg and spider that frequented the house (we actually took it to the Entymology lab at the school and they couldn't identify it!). Yuck. So there is the background. And here is the story:

One day we come home from class to find the house filled with an awkward smell. Yes. A smell. It is freakishly strong and overpowering the entire house. We are soon out on the porch hacking and coughing and basically freaking out. The smell was skunk. Yes. Skunk. After much stinkyness and holding our breath (cleaning the kitchen thinking it could be our nasty dishes in the sink) we called the landlord and they diagnosed it as a skunk having sprayed underneath the house. Most likely scared by a cat or something... And then the stench soaked up through the house like a sponge and filled every surface. Even months later you could open some box or something from the closet and smell skunk. It was horrifying.
Well, we clearly had to get it nuetralized and this would be happening the next day. Meanwhile we had a skunk house that we had to stay at and I am sad to tell you..we started to smell too.
It soaked into our clothes and our hair and it was brutal.
We could have lived through this (skipping classes and keeping indoors until nuetralized) except that one of the gals and I had a presentation final for one of our classes. Um...yeah and it was out of town, in a mansion, in front of a board of directors who were going to choose a design and really build the proposed plan. It was huge. And we were stinky.
The first horrifying thing is driving there in the car with four other girls who had to roll the windows down and had their eyes watering over the smell. The smell that was us.
humiliation at its best.
The second and most horrifying thing happened when we were taking the tour of the facility and we are walking around and this one girl keeps looking around in each room and saying, "Does anyone smell that? It smells like skunk or something..." to which I try to edge out of the room before anyone pins the stink on me. AWFUL. Finally after she has said it in about 5 more rooms and squinched her nose up a few times when it got stronger (i.e. I was standing too close) I finally said, "What? I don't smell anything?". My friends about lost it and we scooted our stinky selves out of there.
Have you ever smelled? Can you spell AWKWARD? There was nothing we could do. We were stuck in our skunkiness for 24 hours or so and still were blasted with it occasionally while we lived there.

Hope you enjoyed my Totally Skunky Story....
Join in the fun.