Monday, December 08, 2008

As promised... (just a week late!)

So, here is my little dresser redo that I promised to do last week before disaster struck. We were a little shaken..but thanks to a nice relaxing weekend - we feel good and are back on our feet. Thank you all for your prayers.
So here is the story of this little lovely. The community across the street had a big neighborhood hosted yard sale and I was excited as soon as I saw the sign the Thursday before! I was loaded into the car and ready to go. I found some great deals and a few odds and ends for the house (lamps..a shelf..typ. stuff) and then my oh my! I ran into to this little beauty. Now I completely forgot to take a before picture (and trust me I was kicking myself for it!) so let me set the scene for you here. Bright pink body and bright yellow drawers. And the previous owner had spray painted the antique hardware pink as well. It had been in her daughters themed room. What did I see behind the pink and yellow paint? Potential! Here she is after I had sprayed some silver paint on the edges (for the antiquing accent I was planning) and suddenly realized I had no before pic.

****Edit Edit!! Here is the BEFORE pic that I miraculously recovered from a text message to my MOm. Pretty dramatic huh??? Yay! So glad I found it!****

Here are the lovely Banana colored drawers

Here is the once bright pink hardware that I spray painted silver.

Here she is in progress.
Yes Yes..I know I know..I painted it black.

Raise your hand if you are surprised.
And here she is in her new home in my kitchen/ hallway. I am not done fixing up the area but I had to post a pic. Soon she will be even more beautiful....
How about a close up??
Ta Da!!