Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

At 11:30 pm last night our plane landed. By 12:45 am we were home and headed to bed. It was a good trip with lots of family, food and travel. We arrived on Tuesday night (with an hour plane delay) and spent the night with my Mom. The next morning we drove about 2 hours to my grandmother's house where we stayed until Thursday morning when we drove and hour and a half to my Dad's house where we stayed until Saturday morning when we drove 3 hours back to my Mom' s house and then we flew home yesterday. Are you tired just reading that? I am. And I was there for the real thing!

I have a lot of things that I can say about Christmas and family and how our vacation was. We did have a good time. Really. We did. But I somehow came home with the blues and it's not homesickness. Maybe it was just too many people and (illnesses) and chaos and travel. Maybe it was memories and drama and hectic lives. I guess it is just a bit much for me now. I live here with my husband and my puppy. We have a nice church, nice friends (fabulous friends!),decent jobs with nice people....etc. We live a quiet kind of life. Fun and active yes, but there is a lot of time just with each other and fun times with friends or colleagues that are just that with no strings. Maybe I am just getting older and more sensitive (Lord help me!) but it was all just too much for me this year. I am so tired and worn out. I just want to unpack my things, clean my house, finish my to-do lists and slip back into my routine. Routine. Why is that such a comforting word?

God Bless you all and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
I have lots of pictures to post so stay tuned!!!