Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leslie needs...

Liza over at Life with a Diva and a Princess did this little exercise on her blog and I thought it was pretty funny. So I did the same. What you do is put your name and the word "needs" into a google search and list the first ten things that come up. Here are mine! Go visit Liza to read her funny list and then feel free to copy and make your own!

Leslie needs a reality cheque I???

Inquisitive Leslie needs lots of attention
This might just be true. Does this sound make me sound like a puppy adoption advertisement?

Leslie needs a vacation
Yes Yes!

Leslie needs to run a ton of errands today!
I actually am done with Christmas shopping and all that so I really don't have errands today. Maybe this was me a few days ago?

Leslie lost her number to a tragic battery acid spill
Yikes! This does not sound good.

Leslie needs to catch up with Obama web savy campaign
I think the campaign is over. I love the word "savvy", do you?

Leslie needs the legal bug
I don't like bugs

Leslie needs to look outside the beltway to attract procurement professionals
you know me...I just naturally look inside the close minded...

Leslie needs her space
Sometimes this is very true.

Leslie needs to learn to stop trying to do everything at once
This is wise advice. Thank you google.

Have fun!