Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The things we do for the men we love...

A few weeks ago my husband got a pair of tickets to go see the ESPN College Football awards. He was so excited and it was happening really close by. Isn't it funny how different the two sexes are. For me a big sale or some new shoes might render this kind of excitement (or maybe that doesn't do it justice either). How can I explain...Hmmmm..Oh yeah, I know! So, pretty much everyone I know has read the Twilight series....think about that premiere night gals..that is how excited my hubby was to have the privilege to go to these awards. You could say they were his Edward Cullen. So, it was a BIG deal.

Obviously it wasn't exactly my cup of tea as I don't follow sports but I could definitely appreicate the prestige and the celebrity of it all. I mean a red carpet is always fun! It was really exciting and cool to watch and be a part of anything that is live on TV and it was really touching to see these college kids winning these awards and watch them being appreciated for their hard work. The above picture is Chris Fowler of ESPN interviewing Tim Tebow from the Florida Gators as he won one of the awards.
The set of the show was pretty neat. We had to snap a few shots.
This is basically our view. There were about 30 general seats (which is where we were) and then the rest were VIP.
Kyle walked around before the show and looked at the trophies and took some pictures.
Here we are outside as we were coming in and some of the players were signing autographs on the red carpet.
Overall it was a pretty cool night. The coolest thing? Getting to go spend that time with my husband and seeing how much he really enjoyed it.