Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thirteen Things I will do to get ready to go home for Christmas.

In a little less than a week I will be flying off (with hubby in tow) to see my family for Christmas. I haven't been home since last Thanksgiving so I am really excited to see everyone. These are the things I will be doing to get ready for the trip!

1. Mailing all Christmas presents to husband's family who we won't see this Christmas and mailing gifts ahead of us to my home so we won't have to check baggage. This involves much waiting in line at the post office, packing peanuts, tape and wrapping paper.

2. I will be making about 5 lists for what to pack for the trip. The initial list. The second draft which will be revises and typed (yes, I am serious.) and then I will make additional lists on that list in pen as I will refuse to reprint the list. Then I will make a similar list for the hubster. After that I will make lists of things to do the day we leave.

3. I will be exercising in preparation for all the yummy food I will no doubt consume that is not on my diet plan.

4. I will be obsessing over the clothes I will bring and what I will wear at each event/ gathering. Yes, this is separate from the list making.

5. I will be obsessing over boarding Harley at the Pet Resort (yes, that is what it is called) and what toys and things he will be taking. Laugh if you is very dramatic for me to leave him.

6. I will be finishing up a few books and plotting which book (s) I will take on the trip. I am sure I have been hoarding a juicy novel for the plane ride.

7. Mindlessly drifting through the days until we get to leave.

8. Getting excited over our little Christmas gift exchange we will do before we leave.

9. Getting my hair done.

10. Going to Christmas parties.

11. I bet I will make a list or two unconnected to the above mentioned lists but somehow connected with our departure.

12. I will talk to my Mom everyday (as per usual) about coming home and the things she has changed in her house and what we will do (play by play) for the few days we are home.

13. I will no doubt find ways to make things more difficult and hectic than they should be. i.e. packing, leaving Harley, getting to the airport on time, exercising....

Hope you enjoyed my list!

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