Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thirteen things NOT on my Christmas List.

Thursday Thirteen

I almost did a list of things I want for Christmas and then I realized that that would be kind of boring. I thought this might be more fun. Here is my list of things I hope are not under my tree.

1. A meat of the month club membership
2. A 55 gallon fish tank
3. two tickets to a Britney Spears comeback concert (what?!)
4. a crate of blue cheese salad dressing
5. 15 packets of neon orange post-its
6. A pony
7. black stirrup pants
8. a pager
9. a bushel of grapefruits
10. a new calculator
11. a christmas tree themed sweater
12. the flu
13. wool lined pink croc boots

So....if you got me something on this list be prepared for my really polite fake smile followed by "I love it!" and then...yup.....I will totally regift it...cause that is just how I roll.

Happy Holidays!

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