Monday, July 28, 2008

When Lavender and Leslie meet.....

Welcome to my 2nd BEFORE and AFTER! This is our guest bathroom as it was when we moved in with the exception of my zebra shower curtain. I apologize for the "lid up" situation of the BEFORE picture. I know that some people like a nice Lavender wall - but as I am not setting up a room for a 4 year old girl (please don't take offense if you live and love Purple!) we had to say au revoir to the Lavender.
Now, my design plan for the space included Asparagus green paint and I love it!
Here is how it turned out!

The rug on the floor is my 8 dollar Ross find from last week! At the moment it seems all my rugs are black. I have a unspoken connection to the color Black in all my spaces.

I found these Shower Rings at Marshalls a few weeks ago. I was really happy with them and how they accent the silver in my flower vase.
Also, here are the curtain rods that I found last week for a deal. I am planning on using them in my living room.
I Hope this blog inspires you to be GREEN!
Asparagus Green to be exact.
Happy Monday!