Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Once again on the puppy search

Well, after "tableing" the discussion a month or so ago - Kyle and I are once again stirring around the idea of adding a puppy to our little family. We are all about the pros and cons and as we look at the list we create it seems that the con side is pretty heavy. We stopped thinking about it before because of $$$$$ and then also because we both work 1/2 an hour from home (in opposite directions) so it we wont be able to cruise home at lunch to let it out. Also we seem to be out of town quite a bit and that would be a problem. Especially when we talk about going home for 7 or 8 days at the holidays. The other issue for us is that we don't have family here so a little overnight somewhere becomes and ordeal b/c we would need a doggy babysitter. This is when you wish you had family close by. We have been told by friends with dogs that the money quickly adds up when you first get a dog and then over the first year or so. Not to mention if it ever gets sick, etc. Then there is of course the upfront cost of the dog (which I admit I was a little surprised by) as well as the pet downpayment we have to put at our rental house that is nonrefundable. So as you can was easy for us to realize we needed to set the idea aside for now. The problem is this: We really want a puppy!!! We both love the idea of having a dog and think that if we continue to manage our money we can afford it and think that when traveling home we might just take the dog with us as the kenneling cost would be more or equal to the cost of flying the dog with us (plus! then we could be those dog people on planes that always annoy us!). So we are once again opening up the topic for conversation. We had decided a while ago that we both are really fond of Yorkshire Terriers because they have minimal shedding, are the size dog we would like, and are cute as a button! Here are a pic so you know what I mean!

So, we are looking and looking and talking about it and maybe in the near future we will find the perfect dog for us.