Thursday, July 10, 2008

Toss the Roll!

Here are a few fun pics of our trip to visit Mom and Mike in Springfield, MO. We went to eat at Lamberts home of the roll throwing. It is pretty funny. All of the sides that go along with your meal are served constantly by waitresses throughout the meal (very family style) and then waiters come out and stand in the middle of the room and throw the dinner rolls. You have to yell at them and get their attention and then they throw the rolls for you to catch. They are warm and yummy! Here are the guys testing their strength as we wait for our table..and trust me it was a long wait. It is an extremely popular place!
My tough guy!
Another tradition here is that people put dollars on the wall with a staple gun and sign their names and what not to commemorate their stay. A bit more expensive than carving your name in the wall - but it looks cool and was a lot of fun. Here is our addition to the wall.
Here I am posing with my dollar which we all signed.
Painted on the floor when you walk in the door. Our stomachs were growling before we got there as we had been shopping for the afternoon at The Landing in Branson.
And here we are still waiting....
Kyle and Mom both added their business cards to the completely wallpapered entryway to the restaurant.

Mom and Mike holding up the giant skillets that the meal is served in.
They also serve all drinks in these giant mugs. Our waitress pretended to pour a whole one on Mike while I was away from the table so they plotted with her to do it again to me when I sat back down. They got me good! She puts a straw in it and pretends to trip and drop it all over you! It takes a second to realize that you are not soaking wet and that it was all a joke. It was a great prank!
Here are Mom and Mike catching rolls!
Later that evening we let Kyle set off some fireworks with Mike while my Mom and I sat back and enjoyed the site.
One of the fountain fireworks.

Hope you enjoyed the pics even thought they were a week late. Apparently that is just how I roll!

Have a good week!