Friday, July 25, 2008

Big accomplishments...Little time

Well, maybe not a big accomplishment to you....Today at lunch I attempted to include a bit of shopping into my little hour of freetime. I grabbed a quick lunch and then ran into Ross to cruise their Home Decor accessories hoping to find a few jewels. Well I really lucked out with a great find in my short amount of time! I found two curtain rods that matched (this can be hard to come by in discount stores!) and they are really cute and exactly the bargain I was hoping to snag. On my way to the register I stumbled across a great rug for our guest bath for only 8 dollars! Score! It was a great mini trip and I will be glad to have those items out of our way so I can concentrate of my fabric and headboard materials tomorrow.

we had a bit of an issue with our hot water heater this morning (issue meaning it wasn't hot or heating the water) and we had to call in a maintenance order with our property manager. The Owner is meeting us there this afternoon after work - hopefully he will be able to fix and it won't cut into our shopping tomorrow. Of course we have plenty of things we can be working on around the house!