Thursday, July 24, 2008

one little makeover at a time...

Well, last night was super exciting because my slip cover that I had ordered online finally came in the mail...can you believe I had to wait like 5 days! hee hee! Anyways, I had checked on it earlier Wednesday and it still said it would arrive on Thursday so imagine my surprise and delight when Wednesday evening the doorbell rang and UPS delivered it! I have been struggling with this one piece of furniture forever. It is a great chair and ottoman that my Mom gave me when I moved to Florida. The downside however has always been that my decor and taste never met up with its Forest Green upholstery. A couple of years ago I splurged on a denim slipcover at Target that I thought would do the trick. It was awful - plus if I remember right it had cat hair on it proving it had been returned previously to my ownership - but that is a different story... Well, the reason the slipcover was a nightmare (besides the denim! What was I thinking?!) is because the chair has a T-cushion and setback armrests and this posts a huge problem with most typical slipcovers. The other issue is of course the ottoman - because I would like them to match and work as a set. Well, a few weeks ago I dove into a search via the internet for the perfect slipcover and found a few decent options before I stumbled on the ultimate find by the name of Stretch and Cover and I was sooo excited. I ordered a swatch of what I thought would work on my chair and ottoman and totally match all my other modernish decor! I was super hyped! When the swatch came I was jumping up and down with excitement - Not only was I going to fix what had become "the Green Chair issue" but I was going to get this awesome fabric with a pattern as opposed to a plain beige chair (what I thought was my only decent option). So I placed the order....and yesterday...Wahoo!!!

Kyle and I set to putting it on right away. Here is the Green Chair BEFORE it's makeover! BEFORE THE SPICING UP!
Just the Chair
Chair and Ottoman

Well, if you have ever had a slipcover dilemma then I know that you totally feel me here! Now I will do the sales pitch: These slipcovers are amazing! Each piece has different size combinations that you choose when you order so the covers are as close to the size as possible. Each cover comes with clips and pulleys and foam tubes to help pull and secure the fabric cover so it gets a more upholstered look. The other option with chairs and sofas is to have a separate slipcover for the cushion (this is the most awesome part!) this allows it to look even more upholstered and will help it look nice and neat when someone is sitting in it. Everything is pulled nice and neat and soooo cute - the same goes for the ottoman. If your are looking for the perfect ottoman I definitely give this a two thumbs up rating!!

Hope you enjoyed my first Before and After! I hope to have more soon as Kyle and I dive into decorating our home. I am hoping to start including more design inclined stuff into my blog in the future.